UPCC Research’s 4-Way Stop at Corner of Wesley and Adams to Improve Safety for School Children

November 2, 2012

Notes Submitted by James Bettinger, UPCC Traffic and Transportation Chair

I have been working with Christopher Krook our neighborhood city engineer concerning the desire for a 4 way stop at Wesley and Adams. Attached is the official policy and procedure memorandum dealing with multi-way stop control. Unfortunately that intersection does not meet the requirements but Christopher did do four site visits to determine need. He did one random drive by, one morning during drop off and two afternoons during pick up. He also took pictures. After meeting with his supervisor here is what he has come up with.

On Wesley there is no clear school zone posted speed limit signs. There is a school zone sign as you travel east but the 20 mph speed sign is missing. traveling west there are no signs at all. He is having these signs be brought up to date in both directions.

On Adams he is installing the bright yellow school crossing zone signs in both directions. Close to the intersection.

Finally he is having the city contact the residence on the south/east corner to have them cut back the vegetation to meet sight safety standards.

The work orders for the signs went in this week. I believe that home owner has 30-60 days to clean up the property. Chris believes that the increased signage and visibility will help address the safety issue.  I think it would also benefit us if we can impress upon school parents to go slow at that intersection.

Here are Christopher Krook official notes.