UPCC General Meeting Minutes October 2010

General Meeting held October 13, 2010 at University Park Elementary School.

Meeting was opened at 7pm

The fall general meeting of UPCC was called to order by President Tom Gonnella. About 45 people were in attendance.

UP School Principal Dana Williams spoke of volunteer opportunities and coming events at the school. The school has an “Excellent” rating, and a larger number of students than last year.

Announced the annual Mom’preneur event to raise money for the school. Parents and other UP residents will sell items from their hobbies and home businesses, and have a café. There also will be a fun run for all ages. Everyone’s invited, November 6 at the school.

Vice Chancellor Neil Krauss of the University of Denver stated that DU will continue giving tickets to athletic events (except hockey) to residents who live on parking-limited streets. For all neighbors a new ‘DU ZONE” card is available offering discounts at participating businesses. Neil gave an update on plans for the Boettcher Science Building site on campus. UP is represented on the design committee by Pat Cashen and Rosemary Stoffel.

City Wildlife expert Ashley DeLaup spoke about dealing with coyotes in the city. She encouraged pet owners to keep pets indoors or closely watched outdoors, and anyone seeing a coyote to face it and make it clear it is not welcome (waving, shouting, etc.). She demonstrated methods of dealing with coyotes. Many in attendance had seen coyotes in UP recently.

District 6 City Councilperson Charlie Brown spoke about marijuana dispensaries, and pending legislation for growing marijuana. He stated that when Denver’s earlier legislation was passed, allowing medical marijuana use, the present concerns being faced were not problems. UP has a dispensary, one of which was the site of a recent shooting. This is of grave concern to residents.

The meeting adjourned promptly at 8:30 p.m.

Written by, Diana Helper, UPCC Open Space and Parks Chair and Traci Samaras – Secretary