UPCC General Meeting Minutes February 2011

General Meeting held February 2nd, 2011 at University Park Elementary School.

Meeting was opened at 7:05pm

The general meeting of UPCC was called to order by President Tom Gonnella. About 40 people were in attendance.

Diana Helper – Spoke about her work on the Butchel Boulevard Coalition. She is still working diligently on trying to find a safe way for pedestrians to cross safely in multiple locations (i.e. Monroe St.) along Butchel between Colorado Blvd. and University Blvd.

Ryan Zorn – Discussed that a traffic study will be taking place on Colorado Blvd. The issue is there is no turn light for traffic headed North Bound on Colorado Blvd, that are wanting to turn left at Iliff. Since Colorado Blvd is a State Highway, this study may take some time.

Dana Williams, University Park Principal – Dana discussed that the 2011/2012 school year should be at approximately 117% capacity, equaling 507 students, with 3 classrooms per grade. The Early Childhood Educations (ECE) ages 3 and 4 are both being moved to Knight Academy on Exposition. This move is allowing more room for grades K-5. The ECE program will be in a building geared specifically for ages 3-5. The home tour is scheduled for May 1st. There is also a new website for the school: uparkelementary.org

Neil Krauss, Denver University – Is happy to announce that DU is 1st in its division and going for 1st place in the Sunbelt  Conference, they are playing Florida Atlantic. There is a 2 for 1 deal to see A FAR CRY CHAMBER on February 8th, 2011. DU is also conducting their own traffic study on Asbury between High & York. They are hoping to slow traffic down and are working with the city on some new ideas. A good neighbor meeting is scheduled for February 22, 2011 at 7pm in the Driscoll Center.

Jane Queen & Marianna Bagge, Accelerated Schools – They are offering all visitors to stop by during business hours if they would like a tour. They hope to maintain the building for years to come, and are doing a few tea fundraisers each year to help offset some costs. They will also be on the home tour this year. A handout on the programs they offer was passed out to those in attendance.

District #3 Q and A – The only concern from the neighbors was a noticeable increase in graffiti. If you see anything suspicious please feel free to call 720.913.2000 for the non-emergency police.

Dana O’Connor – Asked if anyone would like to help volunteer for neighborhood events, especially for the 4th of July & Sing & Sleigh functions. A reminder that the voluntary dues fund these events as well as others – so please if you can send a donation it will be greatly appreciated. There is also a plan to get a neighborhood garage sale time set. More details to come.

Tom Gonnella announced that UPCC will co-sponsor a Candidates’ Forum on March 22, with other South Denver Registered Neighborhood Organizations.

The meeting adjourned promptly at 8:30 p.m.

Written by, Traci Samaras – Secretary