UPCC General Meeting, May 2nd, 2012

General Meeting held May 2nd, 2012 at University Park Elementary School.

From 6:30-7:00 p.m. residents gathered for social 00M-622 time and refreshments in the hallway. Refreshments were generously provided by the Schleshman YMCA. The YMCA offered two, 1 month memberships to the facility.

Tom Gonnella opened the meeting opened at 7:05p. There were approximately 45 people in attendance.

Charlie Brown, City Councilman presented Tom Gonnella with gift of thanks for his 2 years of service as the UPCC President. Charlie also passed out tomato plants to those that wanted one. There will also be more at his office next week.  Charlie also talked about the proposed ordinance to ban unauthorized camping in Denver, and Colorado Coalition for 00M-624 the Homelessness meetings that he has attended. There are approximately 2600 units for the homeless, which is nowhere near enough. Charlie is hoping to get an analysis of the monies spent by Colorado Coalition for the Homeless,and feels it has not been taken care of effectively.  The 16th Street is Denver’s #1 tourist attraction, and Cherry Creek is #2, Charlie feels sleeping in these areas is not helping Denver. The upcoming bill says no unauthorized camping in Denver.

Allen Wilson and representatives from DU PR office spoke.  The Presidential Debate is scheduled for October 3rd, and from September 17th up to the 27th changes around campus will take place at the school. On or about the 27th is when media should arrive. It is projected that 54,000,000 people will view the Debate. There was a discussion about the impact to the campus and surrounding area. The day of the debate DU will actually close campus, and there will be some viewing areas on the campus grounds.

Jane Queen of Fitzroy Place was able to work with developer Wally Hultin to prevent the caretakers property that was built in 1890,  from being moved to another location on the property. Jane also discussed some of the upcoming events to include a concert from Jiaqi Long and Spanish Classes for Children. Please stop by the school should you wish to know more. There are also window boxes for sale. The cost is $200 and you can take or leave the box at the school to be on display.

Tom thanked the board for all their help over the years. The Slate of Nominations were presented by Chairman Ellen Van Ness Seymour. Dana Strand O’Connor for President, Jennifer Schmidt for Vice President, Traci Samaras for Secretary and Ryan Zorn & June Morgan for Co-Treasures. All were elected for their positions. Tom Gonella was thanked again for his 2 year term as President.

Dana was welcomed as the new president.

— Written by Traci Samaras