UPCC Board Meeting Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

UPCC Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012, 7pm

Attendance: Dana O’connor, Jennifer Schmidt, Rosemary Stoffel, Mary Myers, Pam Adams, Janet Bardwell, Diana Helper, June Morgan, Ryan Zorn, Paula Smith, John Rogalla, & James Bettinger.

September & October 2012 Board Meeting Approved

Updates from the President (Dana O’Connor)

There will be Open Board Positions in 2014. IE: UPark President also with the Nomination Committee  – what happens next? There is also a need for an Events Needs a Chair Person – its fun! Currently Janet and Jennifer are helping with the sing and sleigh. To keep current we still need some Position Overview Documents, from Bill, Paula, Pat and Traffic. Michael Sapp would love to meet with some of us, does any have any free time. Diana and Dana will be creating a new section on our parks so we

V.P. Update (Jennifer Schmidt)

Block Captain’s are being updated again as well as Area Coordinators. Still trying to stream line the 2200 UPWords distributions for the neighborhood. Sing and Sleigh Bells, we have all vendors confirmed and we have a Cider & Cookies Sponsor And volunteers, if you did not attend July 4th you should be volunteering to help at the Sing and Sleigh if your health allows it.

Treasury (Ryan Zorn/ June Morgan)

The Final Purple Pages numbers are up 24% over the last couple years, which helps keep us funding neighborhood events. The renewal of the Insurance Policy is due also.

Communications (Paula Smith/Janet Bardwell)

December UPWords is printed and ready.

Communications Meeting (Janet)

Board Approved of using other communications avenues to help increase dues/income. This will include

an envelope with a card that solicits dues – Janet will work on this for the January/February UPWords.
How does the board feel about a Single Sponsor for each UPWords at $500 per issue? The sponsor will be given credit in the issue, along with a 1/16th page area.  There will only be ONE per issue.  If we do not have one for an issue, there will be zero. The board is not in agreement over this issue. More details and guidelines are needed before a vote.

    • UPWords:  (Dana)
      • Continue to have Board input and ask for special interest stories about the neighborhood.
      • Include call for volunteers.
      • Please talk to your neighbors and see if they might want to write an article once or twice a year.
    • Adding Facebook as a means of communication (Dana)
      • Tabled for next meeting but there was consensus to move forward with this.
    • Communications Chair… (Dana)
      • This is a big job and a lot under it… 

Traffic & Transportation (James Bettinger)

Wesley & Adams has had some Safety Issues around the school. There were 4 site visits to the corner and it was deemed that no 4 way stop was needed. However, there are now new signs in now that this is a school crossing area, and the school speed also posted. Dana also wants to know if we can get some painted road signage as well.

Safety (Steve Hick)

The District 3 Meetings discussed heroin in the neighborhood. Please pay attention and if you see anything please call 911. Heroin is being passed from seller to buyer in balloons typically. Again don’t approach anyone, just call 911.

Open Space and Parks (Diana Helper)

Prairie Park Walk about had about 45 people attend. There is a need for a sign at the park, however, the city doesn’t have the funds to spend – would the Board as a group be willing to spend a portion to help fund a new sign? The Good Quarterly Neighbors Meeting tomorrow. November 29th @ 5:00pm is a transportation solutions meeting at the Daniels Fund Building.

Legacy and Historic Preservation (Rosemary Stoffel)

UPCC position on Proposed changes to Denver’s Landmark Preservation Ordinance. The current fee for both an owner and a non-owner to file a designation application is $250.  Historic Denver, CPD’s Landmark Staff, and the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) agree that it should be higher..  The question is how much.  Historic Denver recommends raising the fee to $500, the CPD Landmark Staff recommends to up to $1000, depending on the work involved, and the LPC leans toward $500 after listening to input from the public.  INC recommends $500 as the top amount, as does Capitol Hill United Neighbors.  The Cory Merrill board voted to raise the fee to as high as $1700, and sent a letter to Charlie Brown stating their position.  This is the only neighborhood I know of which has supported such a large fee increase.  I hope that the UPCC board will take a position for a more modest increase, based on the amount of work required by city staff to process the application. 120 day deadline as well – an applicant has to file and pay. INC voted $250 for owner, and $500 for a non-owner.

Written By, Traci Samaras – Secretary