UPCC Board Meeting Minutes September 2011

Board of Directors Meeting held September 6th, 2011 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Tom Gonnella – President, Dana O’Connor – Vice President, Ryan Zorn – Co-Treasurer, Pat Cashen – Zoning, Mary Myers – Sidewalks, Rosemary Stoffel – Historic Preservation, Pam Adams – Purple Pages, Diana Helper -Parks , Paula Smith – Newsletter, Traci  Samaras – Secretary, Bill Winn – Advisory Committee,  Jennifer Schmidt – Mom’s Club Liaison and guest Nikki Jackson.

The Minutes of the August 2nd, 2011 UPCC Meeting were approved with changes.

Tom introduced Nikki Jackson to the committee as a potential candidate for the vacant transportation seat. Nikki discussed her interests in the transportation area as well as the neighborhood. And also listen to the majority of the meeting.

Treasury – A spread sheet of expenses were discussed which included the costs of the purple pages. The 125th anniversary was never budgeted for; therefore the committee is trying to keep all expenses down. The donations so far have been very helpful. The board is also hoping all of the Observatory posters sell allowing the UPCC to make a small profit.

Dana – Has delivered about 35/50 welcome bags to new house sales. The majority of her time has been spent working on the 125th anniversary celebration for Observatory Park scheduled for 9/25/2011.

Parks – Was informed that new trees will be planed around the Observatory in the next couple of days and they plan on dedicating one of the trees at the 125th celebration. Also, the construction has begun on Columbine and Butchel to remove the small street.

Zoning – Pat informed everyone that Public Works did approve the large scale fence on Warren and Madison. He has spoke to Michael Holm with Public Works via the Right of Way Department to see if we can make sure this scale of fence is not approved in the future.

Historic Preservation – Rosemary said the City Wide Survey of historic structures is in the 2nd phase, also known as the pilot phase. The glitches are still being worked out at this time. Before the yearend they hope to have 3 neighborhoods chosen. With a little luck Rosemary is hopeful they may choose our neighborhood for the survey. The upcoming Historic Denver Annual Awards Dinner will award both the Holland House and the Denver Water Building.

Advisory – Bill showed us all the “1 Observatory Park” rendering post card he received in the mail. This area broke ground on June 1, 2011. Bill also attended a last minute meeting for the House District 2 demographics. Because Denver only grew slightly over the last year they are trying to restructure from 9 district representatives to 8. If this officially takes place Cook Street would be a dividing line for our neighborhood and we would be district #2 to the West and district #9 to the East.

Jennifer – Is working diligently to try and get the community toy bin’s toys at Observatory Park picked up each night so that the City may clean and service the park properly. And she reminded everyone about the school fun run and mom ‘prenuer on November 5th.


Written by, Traci Samaras