UPCC Board Meeting Minutes November 2009

Board of Directors Meeting held November 3rd, 2009 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Pat Cashen – President, , David Seymour – Co-Treasurer, June Morgan – Co-Treasurer, Mary Myers – Sidewalks, Dana O’Connor – Membership, &  Rosemary Stoffel – Historic Preservation.

September Meeting Minutes Approved with changes.

October Meeting Minutes Approved with changes.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer – David is still waiting for a few bills to be received for the “Sing and Sleigh”, and is also balancing the number of due payers, which seems to be down over last year’s numbers.

Sidewalks – Mary discussed that this year is shaping up differently for those that need assistance with sidewalk snow shoveling. The goal is to have more volunteers, so everyone can get help who needs it. As a reminder the city still will not help those on the main roads (I.e.; Evans) who receive the overflow from the snow plows on to their sidewalks.  Mary also attended a workshop in October for “The Denver Living Streets Initiative”.  The workshop was to find more streets in Denver and enhance them for walking, biking, transit, and automobiles. It is an ongoing project and she will update us on any future information.

Historic Preservation – Rosemary will be reviewing the 3rd draft of the zoning map that came out today.  The map was currently unavailable to print and bring to share, but she plans to have it available for the next meeting.

Membership – Dana had a handout summarizing the membership & website numbers. The breakdown for membership is:  153 payers from 10/31/2008-10/31/2009 and 41 of those being new members. On the website Dana is showing over 1500 visits for the same time period. Everyone agreed that these numbers were very positive. It was also brought to our attention that the Observatory Park Playground is scheduled to undergo renovations. The renovations were already scheduled to start, however they have been slightly delayed due to the snow we received in the last week of October. There is also a concern that the “Sing and Sleigh” is light on volunteers and if anyone wants to help, to please contact Dana.

Pat – Is working in conjunction with Dana on the “Sing and Sleigh” for December 6th, and has sent the information to the printer and plans to distribute it soon. The January 2010 meeting is scheduled for the 5th.  The next General Meeting is scheduled for February 3rd, 2010.

Written by, Traci Samaras – Secretary