UPCC Board Meeting Minutes March 2010

Board of Directors Meeting held March 2nd, 2010 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Pat Cashen -­- President, Tom Gonnella – Vice President, David Seymour – Co-­-reasurer, June Morgan – Co-­-Treasurer, Mary Myers -­- Sidewalks, Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space, Dana Strand-­- O’Connor -­- Membership, Ellen Seymour – Purple Pages/Nominations, Jennifer Engleby – President of University Park Moms Group, and Maren Scoggins – New Resident.

January and February Meeting Minutes Approved with Changes.

Committee Reports:

Jennifer Engleby – Brought version v1-­-1.6 of the UPCC Email Policy and Procedure for review. The changes needed are: Page 1 – 1)b. Add approved by President, Page 6 – Email, Name, & Zip Code required fields for email signup, with the optional drop down box for Areas of Neighborhood Interests. Jennifer also held a Mom’s Club meeting and updated the Board on some ideas the mom’s had for neighborhood events/ideas: 75% asked for a pool, community garage sale, and an alley clean up day. The board is willing to look into all of these ideas.

Treasurer – Dues payers are still donating, and cash flow is still the same. Dana and David plan to submit an article to the newsletter on how the donations are spent. Voluntary Due payers only make up a small percentage of the neighborhood. The UPCC will also donate $250 again this year for books in the “Dollar Dictionary Drive” program which helps 6500 3rd graders each year receive a new dictionary and thesaurus.

Sidewalks – There is a proposal to have the only traffic light between Colorado & University on Butchel removed and have three 4way stops placed on Monroe, St.Paul, and Clayton for easier pedestrian foot traffic. This way the trail would be more accessible to foot and bike traffic.

Parks & Open Space – Lots of work still taking place at Observatory Park with plans for the landscaping to be started in April. Some requests from the Parks and Recreation Department are: Having vendors in Parks, How to “Activate” parks and get more people to visit, and how to keep in touch with the public that use the parks. The newest member to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is Michelle Fenton, who was appointed by Charlie Brown for district 6. Other mentionable items were having a possible Arbor Day Celebration and/or Ribbon cutting at the Park, which will also be turning 125 years old in 2011, replacing the Wallace Plaque at Observatory Park, and Prairie Park Dedication.

Historic Preservation – With Rosemary absent, Pat updated us. The property at 2340 S. Josephine is trying to become a Denver Landmark, and Historic Denver is working on the application. The final zoning code map adjustments have also been pushed back by about 2months and at the end of March they plan to have another new draft.

Membership – We have exceeded 500 members, and with the new email program, we hope to see more people join and donate.  Dana plans to make a few test emails to the group before we go “live”.

Nominations – Ellen reminded the group that it is nomination time. There are 4 elected positions, and to please submit all nominations to her for the May election.

Pat – Dana and Pat decided that the next newsletter should have a section on advice for residents who would like to re-­-zone or apply for a variance, and the first few steps to take that action. The development on Evans and University is still being reviewed for their HUD mortgage, and is currently seeing a few snags on their time line. Until the mortgage has been completely reviewed a building permit cannot be obtained. Hopefully by the next meeting there will be a more definitive timeline.

Written by, Traci Samaras -­- Secretary