UPCC Board Meeting Minutes June 2010

Board of Directors Meeting held June 1st, 2010 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Tom Gonnella –President, Dana Strand-O’Connor – Vice President, June Morgan – Co-Treasurer, Mary Myers – Sidewalks, Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space, Kathy Poppen – Communications, Rosemary Stoffel  – Historic Preservation & Pat Cashen – Zoning

April & May Meeting Minutes Approved with Changes.

Committee Reports:

The three officers present voted to name the following UPCC committee chairpersons: Bill Winn, Advisory; Kathy Poppen, Communications; Ryan Zorn, Traffic/Transportation; Rosemary Stoffel, Legacy/Historic Preservation; Diana Helper, Open Space/Parks; Mary Myers, Sidewalks; Pat Cashen, Zoning.  NOTE:  Membership Chair remains open, with interest expressed by Matt Stewart who will be invited to the August UPCC Board meeting.

Treasurer – June reported eleven more dues checks have come in this month, and several people expressed special interests in UP.  Many ask how they know if they’ve paid?  Ways to address this were discussed.   Dana reported that nearly $200 in donations came in at the Playground Opening May 22.

Sidewalks – Mary reported that the Bond Issue Sidewalk Project on the south side of Buchtel Blvd. Pkwy. has begun at S. Monroe, will continue to S. St. Paul, and then from S. Columbine to S. Josephine.  The request of the BBC (Buchtel Blvd,/Pkwy. Coalition) to replace the traffic light at St. Paul with a 4-way stop, and stops at Clayton and Monroe, led the City to do a traffic study, not yet analyzed.  Residents of the 1900-block S. Fillmore want sidewalks on E. Asbury Ave.  15 children under age six live in that block and walk to school in the street.  Mary will write a news item explaining the UP sidewalk situation in general.

Parks & Open Space – Diana reported that another Gulch Clean-up should be set later this summer.  Buchtel Centennial Park will be enlarged as part of the sidewalk project, which includes closing the east end of Jewell Ave. at the Buchtel/Columbine intersection.  The repaired fountain in Observatory Park is in operation.  INC’s citywide Parks committee is addressing dog parks, dog-bag dispensers, fee-based admission proposals, the size of structures built in parks, monitoring vendors, importance of parkways, and notification policy.

Historic Preservation – Rosemary reported that the DU Boettcher Science Building was approved by the Landmark Commission to move the application forward to the Blue Print Denver Committee.  The matter goes to Blueprint Denver and City Council.  The Groves House at 2340 S. Josephine also was approved for designation and will go smoothly forward to June 20 hearing.

Membership – Dana will continue to chair Membership until a new chair is named.  She said the very successful Playground Opening was attended by about 250 people, including firemen, a policeman, two Parks staff, and Carol Singer, aide to Councilman Brown.  Surprise was expressed that beer was served, not usual at UPCC park events.  Dana said fund raising has begun to buy playground equipment which the city couldn’t afford.  Charlie Brown will match $1,000.  The 4th of July event is in good shape but two “heavy lifters” are needed to help with barricades.  Chris Carrier is Events coordinator.

Zoning – Regarding the owner’s appeal of the city’s denial to allow a front driveway at 2550 S. Clayton, Pat recommended the board agree with the city.  This is all new construction, which must locate driveway access off the alley, per zoning regulations.  The board voted unanimously to oppose the front driveway appeal.  Regarding the request for six-foot fence at 3303 E. Evans, which the board has opposed, Pat received notice it had been granted because of animal concerns.  This was not the reason given for requesting the fence.  Pat will address both of these matters with the City. Pat also advised that our Bylaws already were amended to reflect that Membership is a board position, and that the boundaries of UP include only the UP-side of S. Colorado and S. University Blvds.

Tom – Received an email asking that UPCC be represented at the annual meeting of the Warrens-University Hills RNO June 3.  Diana agreed to go for a portion of that meeting.

Written by, Traci Samaras & Diana Helper