UPCC Board Meeting Minutes January 2011

Board of Directors Meeting held January 11th, 2011 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance:

  • Tom Gonnella –President
  • David Seymour – Co-Treasurer
  • June Morgan – Co Treasurer
  • Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space
  • Rosemary Stoffel – Historic Preservation
  • Dana O’Connor –  Vice President & Membership
  • Pat Cashen – Zoning
  • Paula Smith – Newsletter
  • Ryan Zorn – Traffic
  • Jennifer Schmidt – Mom’s Club Liaison
  • Traci Samaras – Secretary

November 2010 Meeting Minutes were approved with changes.

Committee Reports:

Treasury – David and Ryan plan to work together more collaboratively to eventually transition Ryan the Co-Treasury position.  Voluntary Dues have been steadily coming in, but with costs still up, David is afraid that the small surplus may not be enough.

Newsletter – Paula met with Kathy Jensen, Cinny Auer, & Tom Gonnella in November. Cinny gave Paula some great ideas to help with the efficiency, substance, & content of the newsletter. The next newsletter will have the UPark home tour, so there should be less space for other articles. Paula also handed out a great timeline for those who submit articles. This handout should help greatly with efficiency.

Parks & Open Space –Diana was able to get all of UParks 5 Parks listed with photographs from Ray Ehrenstein, on the city parks website. Thank you Diana! The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is set to meet on January 13th, 2011. One of the agenda items is a city proposal to create a stewardship arrangement with a religious shelter or organization, giving the management of a park or parks to the shelter which plans to fence in the park and only allow certain groups of people to use it.  This proposal is being called the Community Coordinating Metropolitan District (CCMD). The INC passed three votes on January 8th, 2011. A parks platform with guidelines, Byers School being used as a Science & Technical School, and Registered Neighborhood Organizations being notified when/if a marijuana dispensary is requested in the neighborhood. There will also be an All American Clean Up of neighborhood graffiti on May 20th.

Historic Preservation – Rosemary is still interested in starting a preservation committee for our neighborhood. The details are still being worked out. Also, the house on the 2300 block of Josephine now has its official plaque. Rosemary also plans to add a segment to the newsletter about preservation.

Zoning – The new Denver Zoning Codes are now in effect. Pat is also still hoping to get more information from Phil Caplin about the S.E. corner of University and Evans development. He hasn’t heard anything in quite some time.

Dana – The “Save the Date” cards have been proofed and will be sent out later this week. This is a new idea for the group, and we are all hoping that more people will attend the meetings and help keep our neighborhood going strong. Dana also reminded us that she has graffiti removal paint, please let her know if you need any.

Tom – Is working on the agenda & speakers for the 2/2/2011 General Meeting.

Written by, Traci Samaras