UPCC Board Meeting Minutes January 2010

Board of Directors Meeting held January 5th, 2010 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Pat Cashen – President, Tom Gonnella – Vice President, David Seymour – Co-Treasurer, June Morgan – Co-Treasurer, Mary Myers – Sidewalks, Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space, Rosemary Stoffel – Historic Preservation, Kathy Popper – Newsletter, and Jennifer Engleby – President of University Park Moms Group.

November Meeting Minutes Approved.

Committee Reports:

Jennifer Engleby – Attended the meeting as a guest to answer any questions about the neighborhood moms club. She is expecting to have the 1st General Meeting for the mom’s club this February at the Iliff Mansion.

Treasurer – Because of the Purple Pages being down over $800 from last year, David feels that if this trend continues then our small surplus will be used up in the coming years. David feels we should consider doing some fundraising in the coming months.

Sidewalks – Nothing new to report.

Parks & Open Space – Observatory Park is still undergoing its “facelift”, but due to the ever changing weather, it is still closed with plans to be finished sometime in February. Denver Parks is considering adding “park stewards” who would help maintain specific parks in our community. Diana is still working hard with the PRAB (Parks and Recreation Advisory Board) and they are in need of a new volunteer from University Park, and the INC is having a meeting on February 13th, which will be held at the Heritage Club.

Historic Preservation – Rosemary did review the 3rd draft of the zoning map.  As expected the committee has made a few more requests for changes. The 4th draft is scheduled for January 18th, 2010. The final deadline is April 19, 2010. With regard to the development on the SE corner of University/Evans, there has been a motion to have the building height revised from the original 12 stories tall to a more reasonable height of 8 stories tall. This structure still has to fulfill its architectural requirements, and the HUD mortgage is still being processed. Again, the plan is for a Spring/Summer ground breaking. Pat and Rosemary are following all the details closely. On a final note the house located at 2340 S. Josephine was toured by Rosemary and the homeowner is considering applying for an application to preserve the property and make it a landmark.

Membership – Dana in her absence emailed all of the membership details and was discussed through Pat Cashen. Membership for 2009 had 192 Due Payers, with 56 of those are NEW to the UPCC database or new due payers and 15 of those paid by PayPal. For Dana’s Sing & Sleigh it had last minute schedule change because of the weather and may have caused the attendance to be less than last year’s…maybe 250 – 300 attendees. The extra cookies and cider were given to Mercy Housing Refugee Housing Program.  And because of the Sing and Sleigh rescheduling it would have been great to have an email list of neighbors to get the word out in a timely fashion.

Newsletter – Is in need of some new and fresh ideas for this current issue – please send all ideas in asap.

Pat – Is working on a variety of projects to include: The 2100 S. University development, with Jane Queen on the SHF assessment for the “Iliff mansion”, and the General Meeting Notes/Schedule. Pat also wanted to let the group know that DU is offering FREE H1N1 shots this Wednesday and next Wednesday and Friday from 10:30-3:30pm.


Written by, Traci Samaras – Secretary