UPCC Board Meeting Minutes January 2009

UPCC Board Meeting January 13, 2009

Meeting held at June Morgan’s home, 7:00 p.m. In attendance: Tom Gonnella, Bill Winn, Pat Cashen, Pam Adams, David Seymour, Mary Myers, Diana Helper, Anne Wall, and Rosemary Stoffel.

November board meeting minutes were read and approved.

Jordan’s restaurant has applied for a cabaret license. The Pei Wei restaurant has applied for a liquor license. Those hearings will be soon. No action from the UPCC Board of Directors will be taken.

Developer Phil Caplan will give a presentation and an update on his development plans for “The Lux at D.U.” at our February General Meeting.

Also on the agenda for our February meeting are the committee reports and school updates. We will include:

Prairie Park update, general state of the neighborhood, website information, financial report, University Park Elementary School news, crime activity report, and University of Denver news.

Committee Reports

Treasurer – David Seymour gave the figures for our bank account balance, the designated expenses, and income over the year. In our account now is $10,368, and of that $7,823 is not designated. The designated funds are divided among three areas: Fitzroy Place Fund, University 2142 Fund, and Buchtel Trail Fund. The intent is to roll the funds in the UPCC account, raised for historic preservation of Fitzroy Place and University 2142, into a fund managed by Historic Denver for Fiztroy Place.

Newsletter – No report

Communications – We need to work on a policy for how we use the list of emails collected by UPCC.
Legacy and Historic Preservation – To the attendants of the board meeting, Rosemary Stoffel handed out bound copies of the Small Area Plan, provided by the City of Denver.

Parks and Open Space – Diana Helper announced the community meeting date for:
Buchtel Boulevard Coalition, meeting 7:00 p.m., January 21, Heritage Club. City of Denver Department of Parks and Recreation, Senior Landscape Architect Britta Herwig will give an update on Prairie Park. Wildlife Ecologist on staff of Denver’s Department of Parks and Recreation, Ashley deLaup, will talk about the fox den along Buchtel Boulevard. It would be nice if Ashley would come to our general meeting too, to talk about the fox den.

An attached page, for the record, has a complete list of January and February community meetings and related information.

Sidewalks – The new sidewalks, paid for by the Safe Routes to School Grant, have been completed along South Saint Paul and South Columbine Streets. The sidewalk snow shoveling clearing house has been successful matching volunteer snow removers
and people in need of snow removal.

Transportation – No report

Zoning – The draft of the Zoning Code Update will be out in May for public approval. Before public approval, the draft has to go through analysis by committee and a citizens group.

There is also an application for approval of a code variance for an air conditioning unit on a side setback located at 1925 S. Madison. As a board, our response to this request is to abstain from a decision, knowing the immediate neighbors are allowed to respond.

The next INC meeting is February 14, at Heritage Club. We need UPCC representatives there. The INC, or Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation, is behind the annual Dictionary Drive. This program needs financial support to continue donating dictionaries and thesauruses to third grade students in Denver Public Schools.

Meeting adjourned, 9:15