UPCC Board Meeting Minutes for April

In attendance: Dana O’Connor, Diana Helper, Bill Winn, Rosemary Stoffel, John Rogala, Pat Cashen, Steve Hicks, Ryan Zorn, June Morgan, & Traci Samaras.

University Park Community Council Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 9th, 2013, 7pm

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes (Traci Samaras)

March Meeting minutes will be approved by email.

Updates from the President (Dana O’Connor)

Board Positions Info: Phyllis Ward is the new area coordinator with UPWords delivery. The Nomination Committee is OPEN, President for 2014 OPEN, Sidewalks OPEN, and Mary has stepped down. Discussion about OPEN Board Positions and Dana proposed the following: Moving Sidewalks under traffic and transportation until we get some momentum and make Purple Pages chair a voting board position (have active board members voting, this position asks for money and the voting positions give more credibility) All were in favor for changing both positions voting status. The April Email will try to go out this week. The May General Meeting Agenda was also discussed. YMCA round table with Dana on 4/22/2013 to talk about the idea of improving the entire Upark Harvard Gulch Trail. The logo is complete, thank you to Betsy Welty.

Treasurer Update

The January envelopes in the UPwords have proved to be beneficial to the UPCC. We have received additional funds as a surplus to help with our various events.

Secretary (Traci Samaras)

Garage Sale Traci is helping Pam coordinate, dates are June 7 & 8

Zoning (Pat)

The Fence at 2380 S Clayton is trying re-apply for an 8’ fence. More updates to follow. The 2444 S Steele Variance Granted (all neighbors agreed, this is an atypical street) And finally the 2400 S University Development who is looking to possibly change from G-MX-3 to G-MX-5. The neighbors do not want it to be re-zoned. The board voted to take a position to oppose this re-zoning. Pat will form a letter to send to the city contact.

Traffic & Transportation (James Bettinger (Dana filling in))

The Crosswalk at Adams and Iliff is in but paint and signs are still needed. Upgrade the intersection of Vassar Ave & Adams St to a 4-way stop controlled intersection. Utility Box to go in alley at Fillmore and Asbury on public land in an alley. Information isn’t clear.

Communications/Purple Pages (Paula Smith/Janet Bardwell)

The May UPWords is ready, and Phyllis Ward is now the “Delivery Captain”.

Safety (Steve Hick)

District 3 Meeting was last Thursday, and a huge reminder to close your garage door. Really the neighborhood appears to be doing well.

Legacy and Historic Preservation (Rosemary Stoffel)

The Doors Open Denver scheduled for Apr. 13 – 14, is a great tour.

Open Space and Parks (Diana Helper)

The neighborhood cleanup day canceled. Prairie Park Sign is still in the works. There is a meeting with a naturalist on Wednesday, April 10th (Weeding/Seeding, Mowing). A fundraiser on April 29th Moms Club organized, at the Slotted Spoon, Dana will include link in the next email. The sign on Butchel Trail is peeling (plan to check with the City on fixing this). Also a plan to replace/remove/repair the stone memorial at Observatory Park Playground that is missing the plaque, and many ideas were tossed out. Repairs needed on benches at same playground, chain/net on basketball hoop at Observatory Park (was replaced recently, but seems to need one a lot), as well as paint the benches/picnic tables. Hentzel Park was also approved to become a new school. Meeting in May about the community garden near the Observatory. INC is focusing on getting all parks designated as actual parks. Diana would like to write to the parks department to ask for consideration of designation. April 16th everyone is invited to the INC meeting and May 29th is the DU Good Neighbors meeting.