UPCC Board Meeting Minutes August 2008

University Park Community Council Meeting Minutes August 5, 2008

The UPCC Board met at June Morgan’s at 7:00 p.m. Present were Pat Cashen, Tom Gonnella, David Seymour, Rosemary Stoffel, Diana Helper, Mary Myers, and Dana Strand O’Connor.

The July 1, 2008 Minutes were approved with two corrections: Mary’s name,“Myers” and page 3 paragraph 6 July 30 AND August 13…

The July 4 Parade was deemed a success. David suggested we might raise the band’s payment from $200 to $250 and will look into this. The Mom’s Club sent $232 to the Fallen Patriots organization. More popsicles were needed. David will send a thank-you letter to Mom’s Club.

INC (Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation) July 12 meeting “hosted” by UPCC (and Heritage Club) showed that INC is valuable for information, networking, expertise, sharing concerns, seeing the big picture, getting things done. All its meetings are open to everyone.

Website — Dana needs two people to help get this organized, and needs content and editing. Tom and his neighbor will help, Diana and Rosemary can edit, send information.

Contact update available from Pam Adams. Dana will email sample of home page and colors for board’s quick comment. A distinctive border at page bottom is to include picture of Observatory and tree graphics. When website is set up, a link from “University Park, Denver” should be made.

Small Area Plan passed Planning Board hearing unanimously July 16, with five UP residents speaking. It goes to Council’s Blueprint Denver Committee August 13, and the Final Hearing at City Council will be September 8, which Rosemary urges all to attend.

Zoning –

  1. Pat reported that the Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) for the Liquor License application for 2442 S. University Blvd. was signed and admitted on August 1. There is a serious question regarding the existence of any Permits for work done, or inspected on the premises. Pat has written the owners about this and will write again August 6. Without permits and inspection, they cannot open.
  2. Regarding 2240 S. Garfield’s variance request, Pat has written the Board of Adjustment that the UPCC Board considered it and “took no position.”
  3. LUX– the Elowe development at S. University and E. Evans has submitted application for rezoning to RMU-30. Planning is aware of UPCC’s request this structure rise no higher than 120 feet. Elowe also has purchased the apartment building directly adjacent to the UP United Methodist Church parking lot, which may prevent new construction height from reaching 120’. Although UPCC has requested a 10’ setback on S. University, the City prefers zero setback.
  4. Parking for patrons of Jordan’s restaurant was to be available in the Lofts’ garage, but there have been problems accessing this. Jordan’s manager wishes to visit the UPCC Board. Membership dues slips with “interest” information have been given to Rosemary to follow-up.

Treasurer’s Report—David is sending letters to people who have given more than $20 “dues.” Currently there is $8512.00 in the UPCC general fund. The Buchtel Trail fund has $681.

UP-Words newsletter deadline is September 3. Kathy Poppen and Rosemary will work on it.