UPCC Board Meeting Minutes April 2011

Board of Directors Meeting held April 5th, 2011 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance:

  • Tom Gonnella –President
  • David Seymour – Co-Treasurer
  • June Morgan – Co Treasurer
  • Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space
  • Ellen Seymour – Sidewalks
  • Rosemary Stoffel  – Historic Preservation
  • Dana O’Connor – Vice President & Membership
  • Paula Smith – Newsletter
  • Ryan Zorn – Traffic
  • Bill Winn – Advisory Committee
  • Ellen Seymour & Pam Adams – Nominations
  • Traci Samaras – Secretary

March 2011 Meeting Minutes were approved with changes.

Guest Speakers – Chris Webb, Dan Ezra, and Phil Caplin discussed some updated details on their project located at 2100 South University. The plan is to start fencing off the area to prepare for construction in May. The 200+ apartments (1bed, 2bed, & 3bed) as well as retail with attached parking should take approximately 2 years to build and will be 11 stories tall. Shaw construction is the contractor. This project is all privately funded.

Committee Reports:

Treasury – This will be David’s last meeting and is resigning as Co-Treasurer. The committee was thankful for his commitment over the years past.

Nominations – Tom, Dana, & Traci have accepted the nominations for another term in their position, and Ryan Zorn accepted the nomination as Co-Treasurer for the upcoming term.

Newsletter – The newsletter draft is ready, and should be distributed late next week. Paula also is interested in getting some ideas together about our “vision” for the neighborhood in the future.

Parks & Open Space –The City Forester, Rob Davis, needs volunteers because of budget cuts. Training will be provided and planting trees will be part of the duties. If anyone is interested please email Robert.davis@denvergov.org. Diana is still working on the McWilliams dinosaur to be repainted, but her contact is still unavailable. Three large coyotes have been spotted in the area, so please be aware. Loud noises seem to scare them away. The DU good neighbor meeting is scheduled for 4/26/2011.

Dana – The Mom’s club plans to have a clean the park event – more info to follow. Dana is hoping that the UPCC can help in some way. Also Dana is trying to get a committee together for the 125th University Park Neighborhood Anniversary. Dana cannot help for this event, so if anyone can please let her know. Also the June 11th neighborhood garage sale is moving along and should have a good turnout.

Tom – Attended the road ahead meeting about the Union Station re-development. It will take about 10 years for this to be completed. Tom also met with Marilyn who will be attending the safety meetings on the 1st Thursday’s of the month for our District.

Written by, Traci Samaras