UPCC Board Meeting Minutes April 2010

Board of Directors Meeting held April 6th, 2010 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Pat Cashen – President, Tom Gonnella – Vice President, David Seymour – Co-Treasurer, June Morgan – Co-Treasurer, Mary Myers – Sidewalks, Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space, Dana Strand-O’Connor – Membership, Ellen Seymour – Purple Pages/Nominations, Pam Adams –Purple Pages/ Nominations, Kathy Poppen – Communications, Bill Winn – Advisory Committee.

March Meeting Minutes Approved with Changes.

Committee Reports:

Nominations – For President (Tom Gonella), Vice President (Dana O’Connor), Treasury (Staying the same with David & June), and Secretary (Staying the same with Traci.) These nominations will be on the list for the May elections.

Treasurer – There is still a lack of volunteer dues being paid, which is making our surplus diminish quickly. The group brainstormed on a few ideas to keep money coming in so we keep a positive balance. Those ideas include: Selling Ad space in the newsletter, Paying dues to vote in the election, Visiting the house on Josephine for a tour with a donation, Sending out dues reminders to those that haven’t paid in awhile, and finally a collection jar at the home tour.

Sidewalks – Nothing new to report. Mary is still volunteering with the “Dollar Dictionary Drive” if anyone would like to make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated.

Parks & Open Space – A few new things are happening: The weed control and seeding are taking place in Prairie Park, however no official designation has taken place yet, The antique fountain will be returned to Observatory Park this month, there are still no Stewards for the park at this time, the INC group is on record opposing fee events in parks, but is okay if a park is created/designated for fee events only, and finally the INC also convinced the Parks and Recreation not to add dog areas to parks without a fencing around those areas.

Historic Preservation – The house on Josephine is still moving forward for being a local Denver Landmark. There were only 3 other houses built by Eugene Groves made of all concrete. Because, Rosemary is also on the board of Historic Denver, she has asked the UPCC board to look at the case of DU wanting to tear down the East Wing of the Bottcher Center and replace it with a park. Historic Denver believes this is a worthy building, while DU would prefer tear down the wing of the ailing building and add a park. We agreed that until all information could be reviewed, no decision could be made.

Membership – The email list is going well with about 300+ email addresses on the list as of today. Dana is also requesting that we set a ribbon cutting day for the renovated Observatory Park on May 22nd in the afternoon. Since the city feels the park should be complete on May 1st, there should be no conflict of interest with this date. All agreed that this day would be great.

Pat – Had the board vote on the most recent fence request on 3303 E. Evans. Because the zoning already allows a 4’ fence, the board felt the 6’ fence was too high for the entire property. The development on 2100 S. University is still undergoing more surveys since the owners applied for the HUD financing.

Written by, Traci Samaras – Secretary