Unofficial INC Meeting Notes – June 2012

Some info from the INC June 9 2012 meeting —
The Dollar Dictionary Drive needs $5000 by July 1. The 65,000 books must be ordered then. All were pleased to hear that UPCC voted to contribute $200 this year. This may have encouraged some other RNOs to give more. Thanks again, Board! If you know anyone who’d like to send in a contribution (tax deductible) to PO Box 300684. Denver 80218.
City Councilperson Robin Kneach is trying to get approval for citizens to have an opportunity to speak at City Council committee meetings. INC discussed preference for the time-period to be at the end rather than the beginning of the meeting, so that citizens could comment on the remarks of the councilpersons. You can always contact them before the meeting by email or letter. Often the committee members get information a couple of weeks before a topic is on its meeting agenda, and INC would like RNOs notified of such briefings. Robin would like citizen input by 6/15 on being allowed to speak at CC committees.
We were reminded that the contact person for each RNO receives, usually on Thursday afternoon, the agenda for the next Monday’s City Council meeting, along with a list of committee meetings scheduled. It’s important to read this information and be sure RNO committees who might be involved/interested in the topics, are notified.
The annual Neighborhood Conference will be Sat., July 21, held at Coors Field. Everyone is invited. There will be no regular INC meeting in July. August will be INC’s meeting to make sure all dictionaries etc. are boxed/labeled. The June 23 INC Zoning committee meets at Emerson School (Historic offices now).
We had talk on Trash, pickup, funding, types of bins, enforcement of regs. INC suggests recycling education/habits be started at pre-school, early grades. Denver is working to be more efficient.
Also talk on the Strategic Parking Plan. They claim that they consider all the impacts of any parking decision including neighborhood, and that they work with zoning, but as we’ve seen they are all still working toward an idea that fewer people will drive and park if fewer spaces are available– but people still seem to be owning, driving, and parking their cars anyway.
City agencies always ask us to “call 311” but many folks have had little luck with this. You also can go on line to 311 and leave your question or comment, which can take a while for an answer. 311 gives you a “case number,” but when you check back and it says “case closed” it means they passed it on, not that they know if someone has addressed the topic.