University Park Community Council Board Meeting Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Attendance and Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by President Dana O’Connor.  Also present were Pat Cashen, Diana Helper, Steve Hick, June Morgan, Mary Myers, Paula Smith, Rosemary Stoffel, Ellen Van Ness Seymour, Bill Winn, and Ryan Zorn.  John Rogala 00M-617 attended the last few minutes of the meeting.

May and June meeting minutes were reviewed and will have final approval via email.

Updates from the President

  • June 10th Band in the Park and July 4thUpdate
    • Dana reported that the June 10 all-neighborhood Band in the Park evening was a success.  The band was very good and people brought picnics and it was a lot of fun.  She also reported on the July 4 Parade, which brought a very large crowd.  The VFW Band played throughout the gathering and parade.  We will discuss logistics for the parade, perhaps starting with the younger children and have the older ones begin afterward.  At the parade neighbor Mary Beth Cross offered a concert by The Americana Band, for a future event.
  • July UpWords and resignation of Area Coordinators.
    • The UPWords flier for July 4 was 00M-620 done quickly and inexpensively.  This should be a regular communication piece each May, announcing the Parade.  The two present Block Captain Coordinators, Cynthia Auer and Kathi Jensen, have resigned, so we must look for replacements.  Dana has arranged to do the counting of the September UP-Words newsletters and the Purple Pages with the help of Jennifer Schmidt.
    • Dana looking into possibility of 5th Graders helping with counting of newsletters.
  • Board Committee Update
    • Resignation of Kurt, Traffic and Transportation is OPEN, reached out to Tom G and he said he could back fill as needed.  We will be looking for someone interested in taking this chairmanship permanently.  Diana mentioned that the quarterly meeting of Transportation Solutions is August 30th, hopes Tom can attend.
    • Concern was expressed regarding the danger from a sheet of ice in winter on E. Evans by One Observatory Place, at one of the most dangerous intersections.  It was agreed to start by calling Public Works.  Involve DU.
    • With the approval of all UPCC Executive Officers, Dana has appointed John Rogala as Membership Chairman.   The board members present voted unanimously on this appointment.
    • The UPCC By Laws allow making the Safety Chairman a voting member of the board, so Stephen Hick is now a voting member.  Dana reached out to the executive board and it was agreed that SAFETY will be a voting board position.
      • Steve reported on the current figures from District 3 police, showing that in UP thefts from garages are most common – so please close your garage doors and let your neighbors know that this is important.
      • Diana encouraged calling police when parties are too loud.
  • Position Overview Documents are still needed from a few on the board
  • No one participated in the Art Museum’s community challenge.
  • A new restaurant development is coming to the Dave and Busters space.  Upscale Americana.
  • Need someone to provide refreshments at next General Meeting
  • Board all wrote items to participate in the “I Like” campaign Purple Pages campaign
  • Welcome Packages to be delivered in August

Treasury (Ryan Zorn/ June Morgan)

  • UPCC is in good shape financially.  There have been some contributions over $20.  He and Dana will start sending “friendly e-mails” to people who have given before, but not this year.  Ryan distributed a list of all the “interested in…” comments from recent dues forms.  These 27 notes should all be answered.

Advisory (Bill Winn)

  • Advisory Board.  Bill will give a brief review of the By Laws at the September board meeting.

Communications (Paula Smith)

  • September UPWords deadline is August 17th

Open Space and Parks (Diana Helper)

  • Diana reported on the status of the bridge under construction in McWilliams Park, the residents’ interest in the Harvard Gulch area and investigation of uses for open space east of S. Jackson, a request that a bare spot at Observatory Park become a flower garden, the successful native grasses at Buchtel Centennial Park, and the current discussions regarding an educational native-plant walk for Prairie Park.  It was agreed that UP residents should hear about the importance and history of this 14 acres of prairie  and details of the Parks Dept.’s care and maintenance – and that required of UP.  An article will be in UP-Words, and we hope to plan a meeting At the Prairie with a Parks staff person this fall.  Art for the park is being sought.

DU (Diana/Dana)

  • Debate Update:  Tickets for neighborhood for outdoor viewing
    • We have had request for about 50 tickets so far.  Email DEBATE@UPCC.US if you want tickets

Rosemary Stoffel (Legacy and Historic Preservation)

  • Rosemary and Dana wrote to Wally Hultin thanking him for his cooperation in saving the Fitzroy cottage.  She had a call from residents of 2150 S. St. Paul regarding proper restoration for their historic house.  In time, she hopes a gathering for UP’s history buffs can be arranged to share this interest.

Zoning (Pat Cashen)

  • 2444 S Steele was granted a variance.  Pat reported on the recent variance hearings, and there are no new zoning applications at the moment.  When the near neighbors do not object, the Board of Adjustment is likely to OK the variance.

Sidewalk (Mary Myers)

  • Looking to add some committee members

Safety (Steve Hick)

  • District 3 Meetings
  • Crime Updates

INC (Mary/Diana)

  • There will be a citywide conference for all neighborhoods this fall, with emphasis on getting neighbors interested in being active in neighborhood projects, concerns, and so forth.  INC has two members on each of two new Parks Dept. committees – on regarding Budget  and one regarding Communications.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Dana O’Connor and Diana Helper (secretary pro tem)