Snow Shoveling Referral List & Crime Update

Dear University Park Neighbor,Thank you for the submissions for the snow removal help list. We will do this again in the fall and distribute the list next winter as well. Please note, the UPCC is only facilitating the list as a courtesy to the neighborhood. If you have additional submissions, please email to

We have also had some reports of crimes in our neighborhood that past couple days. Here is what has been reported:

  • This past Sunday, (2-26-12) vehicles parked on S Harrison Street between Iliff and Warren were broken into about 11am (owners were attending church services at Most Precious Blood). The perpetrators were three black young males (most likely all teens). One was about 5ft tall another over 6ft tall and the third was some height in between. One was apprehended by the police, but the other two got away.
  • Tuesday morning (2-28-12), about 2:30am, a prowler entered a garage through the service door on the 2400 block of Madison. He is described as a white male with blond hair probably 5’8 or so.
  • District 3 says to call the non-emergency number if you see ANYTHING suspicious. That number is 720-913-2000.
  • Remember to look out for one another. If you don’t know your neighbors, go introduce yourself so you can look out for one another.

The following are the neighborhood submissions for snow removal help. All these vendors will charge a fee for services and it was suggested, that you call and arrange service and quotes BEFORE a snow fall.

  • Sidewalk Snow Removal Referral List
    • Neighborhood Helping Hand
      Cody Pool / Owner
      303-698-0750 office, 720-206-9680 cell
      email: neighborhoodhelpinghand (at)
    • Connor Chidley’s University Park Lawn and Landscape
      Connor Chidley
      email: connorchidley (at)
    • The Street Family (Dad and teenage sons)
      Live on 2300 S. block of Cook St.
      email Mom Susan at slsthree (at)
      Dad John 720-971-8675
      Niko (19) 720-289-0456
      Enzo (15) 720-207-7698
    • D & D Lawn Service (provides shoveling services)
      Doug Kreiling
      c: 303-408-1178
  • Here is the City’s website for snow removal.
  • Please Consider supporting the UPCC.

Other Upcoming Neighborhood Events and Announcements: 

  • DU Good Neighbor Meeting is February 29th in Stern Hall Rm 154 from 7-9pm. They will be discussing the logistics of the Presidential Debate. Parking and additional info. 
  • Tuesday, March 6th, 2011. Colorado International School International Tea Parties at 10:00 a.m. and neighbors are welcome. Country is Hungary.
  • Denver Parks & Rec is about to launch a nation-wide design contest for the community space in the middle of City Park. Learn more at the OPEN HOUSE, Wednesday, March 7, 5:30PM – 7:30PM at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Schlessman Lounge.
  • UPCC General meeting is Wednesday, May 2nd, social hour at 6:30, meeting at 7pm at UPark Elementary at Iliff and St. Paul.
  • UPark Home Tour and Tour De Classics, May 6, 2012
  • Neighborhood Garage Sale early June.

The University Park Community Council’s (UPCC) mission is to promote and enhance the quality of life in the University Park Neighborhood. Thank you for your continued support.


Tom Gonnella and Dana Strand O’Connor, on behalf of the UPCC Board and

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