UPWords Delivery System

The UPCC has a “Neighborhood-Powered” Delivery System for our five annual issues of UPWords. These volunteers deliver the newsletter to every residence in University Park. Positions are Delivery Lead(s), Area Coordinators and Block Captains. If you are interested in helping with the delivery of UPWords or want to know more, please contact our Delivery Lead at areacoord@upcc.us.

Delivery Lead

The UPWords Delivery Lead maintains the delivery lists, prints labels for delivery, picks up each issue of UPWords from the printer, counts and batches the newsletters into groups and then delivers each group to the five Area Coordinators. This is a job big enough to share with another person.

Area Coordinators

There are five Area Coordinators in the neighborhood. Each coordinator receives 15 – 25 batches of newsletters from the Delivery Lead that are then delivered to Block Captains.

Block Captains

Each time UPWords is published, Block Captains get bundles of UPWords and deliver these to all homes on the block or blocks assigned. Ideally, each block within the University Park neighborhood has a resident captain.