UPCC Email Policy

University Park Community Council Email List Policy

The University Park Community Council (UPCC), as a means of communicating with residents of the neighborhood will maintain an Email Address List (the List).  Residents may subscribe to the List through the UPCC web site at upcc.us/email.  The names and email addresses of members will not be shared or used for any purpose other than those explained here.The List is intended as a tool to help UPCC communicate with residents about events relevant to members of the University Park community.  Typically, the Email List is used to send out time-sensitive information about UPCC activities, government activities or hearings of interest to the community, community events or crime reports.  The List is not intended for any commercial use.  The UPCC board considers the List a valuable resource for communicating with the community, and is committed to keeping the number of mailings manageable and relevant.

All messages to the List are approved by the President or Vice-president of UPCC before being sent out.  If the message is time-sensitive (i.e., cancellation of event, time change, supply issues, or volunteer/staffing issues) and the message is an update regarding a UPCC event or an event previously communicated by a UPCC email and neither the President nor the Vice-president can be reached for approval, any board member may approve such messages.

Reasons for sending messages to the List may include:

  • UPCC activities (General Meetings, Open Board positions, etc.)
  • Government activities
  • Hearings of interest to the community
  • Upcoming community events
  • Local crime reports
  • Neighborhood news (updates on park renovations)

Other messages that do not clearly fall within the above boundaries will be circulated to the UPCC Board in order to determine if there are any objections to the posting.  If no board member objects to the message within a 24-hour period, the message may be sent.  If a message intended for the List is rejected, an explanation will be provided to the sender.

Subject to approval by the UPCC board, and consistent with achieving the goals of this policy, access to the List and authority to send messages may be delegated to other board members as necessary.