Neighborhood Crime Alert

Neighborhood Crime Alert

There has been an increase in residential burglaries to open/unlocked garages in the University Park neighborhood. The burglaries are occurring predominately during afternoon into overnight hours on various days of the week and suspect(s) are stealing bicycles and golf clubs.

A witness to one of the burglaries saw the suspect and describes him as: 50-64, White male, 5’8”, 175lbs, transient looking, missing front teeth

District 3 police have increased patrol and a SCAT (Special Crime Attack Team) team has been assigned to work the neighborhood at night. However, the following are preventative measures that we can do to help protect our homes from burglary.

  • Lock your doors and windows
  • Keep garage doors closed and locked
  • Arm burglar alarms
  • When your home is unoccupied, make it look like someone is home
  • Increase outside lighting around your house
  • Trim trees and bushes around your house to limit hiding places for burglars
  • Dogs are great deterrents and will also alert us to noises or things we might not hear or see
  • Consider Implementing Neighborhood Watch
  • UPCC will be discussing this at the May General Meeting and will also include information on this in the next UPWords.

If you see (or hear i.e. cars idling in alley at night) suspicious activity or persons, call 911. There is no shame in reporting suspicious activity.

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