March 2012

Happy Winter University Park Neighbor,

The record snow falls in February have made shoveling sidewalks and driveways a BIG chore but shoveling is a very neighborly thing to do and great exercise. I say this because a few days after the big snow in early February, I came across an elderly woman walking who was forced to walk in the middle of the road because there were no cleared sidewalks on either side of the street. I felt terrible for her and offered her a ride to her destination which she gladly took. Had the sidewalks been shoveled, this interaction would have not taken place. Besides shoveling being a neighborly thing to do, Denver residents are legally responsible for shoveling and can be ticketed if it is not done.

The UPCC understands that not all residents are physically capable of shoveling so we would like to put together a “Snow Removal Referral List.” If you have a person or company you use and would recommend, please email the name and contact info to Once the list is compiled, UPCC will distribute the list to the neighborhood.

The following are the announcements for March 2012.

  • Sidewalk Snow Removal
    • Remember, the city requires homeowners to shovel their walks within 24 hours of a storm.
    • Do you have a snow removal referral? Email the contact info if you do. We will put together a list to distribute to the neighborhood.
    • Elderly or disabled residents can also try to work with DU to get student help. It is best to set this up ahead of time and not wait for the snow to come. Call Allan Wilson at 303-871-2039 to get student help. However, this is ON AN AVAILABILITY BASIS.
  • UPark Elementary Update:
  • This year the UPCC hopes to add a music in the park or movie in the park event BUT, we are still looking for volunteers for the Events Committee to help coordinate. This is a great way to get to know neighbors better and give back to UPark. Email vp @ if you want to learn more or might be interested in volunteering.
  • Spring Cleaning? Hold onto those items and make some cash! The UPCC will be facilitating a neighborhood garage sale in early June. We are still figuring out the date and will let you know next month when it is!
  • DU Good Neighbor Meeting is February 29th in Stern Hall Rm 154 from 7-9pm. They will be discussing the logistics of the Presidential Debate. Parking and additional info.

  • Denver Parks & Rec is about to launch a nation-wide design contest for the community space in the middle of City Park. Learn more at the OPEN HOUSE, Wednesday, March 7, 5:30PM – 7:30PM at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Schlessman Lounge.
  • Merrill Middle school was awarded a large School Improvement Grant (SIG) Grant. These funds are on top of the regular DPS funding. Learn more.
  • The UPCC still has some 125th University Park Anniversary posters left. They are a great memento of the neighborhood at just $20 each. Learn more.
  • Please Consider supporting the UPCC.

Other Upcoming Neighborhood Events and Announcements: 

The University Park Community Council’s (UPCC) mission is to promote and enhance the quality of life in the University Park Neighborhood. Thank you for your continued support.


Tom Gonnella and Dana Strand O’Connor, on behalf of the UPCC Board and

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