July 2012

Dear University Park Neighbor,

Thank you to all who attended the UPCC official summer kick off party. The Humbuckers were great and a special thank you to the volunteers that helped set up and Fido’s Day Out for helping sponsor the event.

The following are announcements for July 2012.

  • July 4th, 10am Neighborhood Bike Parade and Pumper Truck Spray. Click for event details.
    • Children’s Parade at 10am, VFW Band provides music and University Park Mothers Club will be providing refreshments, hot dogs and cool treats.
    • We still need a few volunteers to sign up for 20 minutes slots to help at the event. Sign up online.
  • The Denver Police and Fire Departments are partnering to enforce violations the Fireworks Ordinance and penalties are still. If you hear fireworks you can always call the non-emergency number at District 3 at (720) 913 – 2000.
  • Support the University Park Purple Pages Directory
    • Once a year, the UPCC publishes and distributes the Purple Pages Directory to all residents of University Park in September (2300 households). This a free service to the neighborhood but there are two ways you can help support the effort:
      • Your business can be an advertiser! Learn more.
      • Residents can participate by answering the question “Why I Like UPark.” Learn more.
  • Parks/Trees Update
    • The City and UPCC are looking for people to help care for the flower beds on the northwest corner of Observatory Park. Contact parks@upcc.us for more info.
    • Concerns of loitering at Observatory Park (not far from the flowerbed) have been addressed. District 3 increased patrolling and neighbors have been on watch. We think the problem has been mitigated. If you feel differently, email parks@upcc.us.

    • Prairie Park Updates: Prairie Park is 14 acres of original prairie land running along the north side of the Historic Buchtel Blvd from S. Josephine Street to S. Monroe Street.
      • The UPCC is looking into the feasibility of a native-plant educational garden in an area of Prairie Park. If you are interested in being a part of this initiative and want to learn more, email parks@upcc.us.
      • The UPCC worked with the City to alleviate fire danger in Prairie Park. Dead trees were removed, a water truck has sprayed the prairie and it was mowed around the edges.
    • Three large old trees were removed at UPark Elementary to accommodate for the new play ground. The chips and other raw material is/are going to be “recycled” for use on the playground. DU’s arborist indicated that trees where nearing their expected life span. Between 20-40 trees will be incorporated into the new yard.
  • Schlessman YMCA hosting an Evening Family Movie Night on Friday, July 20th at 8: 30pm. The movie will be a recent family release. Bring chairs, blankets and drinks; they’ll provide the snacks! All UPark Neighbors are welcome.
  • Denver City Outdoor Pools have reduced their fees on weekends. Kids under 18 swim free, adult admission is just $1. Eisenhower and Harvard Gulch are the pools closest to UPark.
  • National Neighborhood Night Out is Tuesday, August 14. Planned activities in Denver parks do not need permits that evening. The UPCC is not sponsoring any events this year, but picnics, street parties, other neighborly gatherings are encouraged.
  • With the extra week of summer break for DPS this summer, some parents are finding themselves without childcare for the week of August 20-24. DU’s P.A.S.S. Camp has some spots open for that week. Learn more or call 303.871.7728 for more info.
  • DU and Japan’s Ministry of Education are looking for Denver area families to host an adult Japanese high school teacher from Saturday July 28, 2012 to Saturday September 8, 2012. To learn more, contact neighbor Jennifer Engleby at 303 550 3907 who hosted a teacher a few years ago and loved the experience or program director Kip Cheroutes at lxc2@aol.com.
  • The city no longer sends “license renewal” notices regarding group homes. If there are concerns regarding any such location, please contact tina.axelrad@denvergov.org
  • The Denver Art Museum (DAM) is sponsoring a “Community Challenge” to transform an everyday object or material into something that makes your neighborhood a better place and submit it for display to the museum. Learn more.
  • Quarterly Mayor Community Cabinet Meeting: the Mayor and Cabinet members speak briefly about their departments and are then available for 1:1 conversation and anyone can attend. I attended one of these and found it informative and worth my time. Next one is Saturday, August 18, 2012. Learn more.
  • Learn about ways you can support the UPCC.

List of Upcoming Neighborhood Events:

  • July 4th, 10am Neighborhood Bike Parade and Pumper Truck Spray.
  • INC Parks committee (PARC) meets Tuesday, July 17 at 6pm at the Heritage Club. Everyone concerned with our parks and the future of the Denver Parks and Parkway system is welcome to attend. Details.
  • Wednesday, July 18, 2012 7pm at the Heritage Club the Buchtel Boulevard/Parkway Coalition (BBC). More info.
  • Saturday, July 28th, 7 – 10pm Chamberlin Observatory Quarter Moon Saturday Open Houses (weather permitting). More info.
  • Friday, July 20th at 8: 30pm Schlessman YMCA hosting an Evening Family Movie Night.
  • Quarterly Mayor Community Cabinet Meeting, Saturday, August 18, 2012. Learn more.

The University Park Community Council, (UPCC) mission is to promote and enhance the quality of life in the University Park Neighborhood. Thank you for your continued support.


Dana Strand O’Connor, on behalf of the UPCC Board

To donate visit https://upcc.us/support.