February 2012

Dear University Park Neighbor,

We have a lot of information in our email this month. The UPCC General Meeting is next Wednesday, February 8th and UPark Elementary has some events coming up that need community involvement. The following are the announcements for February 2012.

  • UPCC General meeting is Wednesday, February 8th, social hour at 6:30, meeting at 7pm at UPark Elementary at Iliff and St. Paul.

    We would love to see you and your kids there. We will have your own private presentation about Snowmasstodon, the dig that has been taking place at Snowmass.Check out yesterday’s Denver Post article on the dig.

    The following is the full agenda.

    • 6:30 Refreshments and Social 1/2 hour.
      • Thank you to The HomeWrights and the Hinz Family for providing refreshments during the social hour.
    • 7:00pm to 7:10pm – Welcome from the president of UPCC, Tom Gonnella
    • 7:10pm to 7:15pm – Dana Williams, Principal of University Park Elementary
    • 7:15pm to 7:20pm – Donna Peterson and Ed Hawley – Neighborhood Helpers
    • 7:20pm to 8:00pm – “Snowmasstodon” – Peggy Montano, Trout, Raley, Montano, Witwer & Freeman, PC
    • 8:00pm to 8:25pm – Creating Communities– Sally McDonald, Denver Public Library
      8:25pm to 8:30pm – Community Comments
  • UPCC still has some open positions
    • Transportation Chairperson is open. Email president @ upcc.us to learn more.
    • We need some more volunteers for the Events Committee. This is a great way to get to know neighbors better give back to UPark. Email vp @ upcc.us if you want to learn more.
  • UPark Elementary Update: Remember, a strong neighborhood school it good for the entire neighborhood
    • The UPark Silent Auction is February 27th at Max Gill and Grill.
      • ALL neighbors are welcome. Click for tickets.
      • If you or your business want to donate an item or service, please email Stacey at stacey.hauhuth@comcast.net
    • UPark Home Tour and Tour De Classics, May 6, 2012
      • The event is looking for sponsors.
      • The event is looking for HOMES! Please contact Katie Mochan if you might considering sharing your home kmochan@cruxco.com
      • The event this year will also have a car show, Tour De ClassicsLearn more.
    • During the month of February, the Apple Campaign has a $7,000 Match Challenge for the school library. All gifts are tax-deductible and you can do it online.
  • Accelerated School is offering community classes on the use of Smartphones, iPads, eBooks, and similar devices on Mondays from 7 to 8pm. All are welcome but there is emphasis on Seniors and Vet’s. Email or call Bryon Gentry at 303.758.2003 X105 or bgentry@acceleratedschools.org
  • We continue to receive reports of coyotes around the neighborhood, including both sitings and audible reports. Here is the City’s information about coyotes in the city.
  • Can’t find a place to park – on your street? You can apply to obtain a posting of 1-hour parking (Mon-Sat), with free parking permits available for residents and their guests. This is a free process and Carol Singer at Councilman Brown’s office can help you. Call 720-337-6666 or email Carol.Singer@denvergov.org and she will explain the process to you.
  • Congratulations to UPCC Vice-President Dana Strand O’Connor who was awarded an engraved Gold Star for her UPark Neighborhood work, at the INC Annual Award Dinner January 19.
  • Neighborhood Tip: Kids eat free around our neighborhood (with paying adults) at Garlic Knot on Mondays and at Jordans on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Please Consider supporting the UPCC.

Other Upcoming Neighborhood Events and Announcements: 

  • UPCC General meeting Wednesday, February 8th, beginning at 6:30pm with social hour and refreshments. Meeting is held at UPark Elementary at Iliff and St. Paul. Click for agenda.
  • Saturday, Feb. 11 the UPCC is hosting the INC at Heritage Club at 9am
    • The speaker will be Denver’s new Police Chief, Robert White. According to the Dist. 3 comparison of crime in UPark from Jan-Nov. 2011, to that same time 2010, crime here Rose 16.7%.
    • You can search crime reports in our neighborhood on the City’s website.
  • Buchtel Blvd/Pkwy Coalition (BBC) quarterly meeting which is Wednesday February 15th at the Heritage Club at 7 PM. They will be working on a plan for communication to our city traffic engineer, regarding signage, safer crossings and continuation of bike lanes along Buchtel. All are welcome to help with this major effort. For more info contact Mary Myers – ml.myers3@comcast.net.
  • For all interested in Denver Parks Issues, there is a meeting on Tuesday Feb. 21 at 6 PM at the Heritage Club. Guest speakers from Parks Dept. and from the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board will be there. This meeting is sponsored by the INC Parks Committee.
  • UPark Silent Auction Monday, February 27th at Max Gill and Grill.
  • March 6, 2011, 10am. Colorado International School Tea Party and neighbors are welcome. Country is Hungary.

The University Park Community Council’s (UPCC) mission is to promote and enhance the quality of life in the University Park Neighborhood. Thank you for your continued support.


Tom Gonnella and Dana Strand O’Connor, on behalf of the UPCC Board
president@upcc.us and vp@upcc.us

To donate visit https://upcc.us/support.

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