Re-Envisioned 2020 4th of July Parade: Saturday July 4 10:00-noon

We can’t all gather at Observatory Park, but we can still celebrate by spreading the UPark parade throughout the neighborhood. Start your parade where you live and go as wide as you are able.  The Parade “Route” in the attached map is a suggestion for accessing safer crossing points.  It nicely connects our four parks and gives a sense of the wonderful diversity of the UPCC neighborhood.

How to Enjoy the 2020 UPCC 4th of July Parade:

  • Decorate your yard with all the red, white and blue you can!  Light it up for essential workers!
  • Decorate your bikes, strollers, wagons, and self.
  • Enjoy a celebratory walk throughout the neighborhood

Email pictures and addresses to of nominations for best yard, best decorated bike and best wagon float. We will post the winner in our eNews:

Rules: older kids (5-100+) are encouraged to ride their decorated bikes. Scooters (preferably non-motorized) are allowed. As per city law, bikes are vehicles. If you are traveling faster than walking speed, you should be on the road, not the sidewalks. We ask that everyone look out for each other and be respectful of wearing masks, socially distancing and helping everyone feel safe, whether they are on wheels or walking. We will not be closing streets as we have with Warren in the past, so please be aware of car traffic. For safety, we ask all neighbors to avoid driving between 10 a.m. and noon. Car travelers are asked to be aware that people will be enjoying the decorated yards throughout the weekend.

University Park 4th of July Parade Route