Disease Hitting Black Walnut Trees

The City is conducting outreach about a disease called Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) that is affecting black walnut trees in Denver. They are anticipating that a large portion of the black walnuts will have to be removed in the next couple years as there is no known cure or treatment for this disease.

You may or may not know if you have a black walnut tree on your property. If you are not sure if you have a black walnut on your property, click here for info about what the tree looks likeand the City has a map noting known black walnuts in our neighborhood. The week of April 4th residents with identified black walnut trees will get a letter about TCD.

The City is working to secure minimal funds from the Community Block Grant which assists qualifying residents with the cost of tree work. However, in the mean time, they will offer a twelve month interest free payment plan for those who request assistance. For more information, visit the City website.

Read more about the disease.