2400 Block of South University Boulevard Proposed Development Overview

The UPCC board strives to represent the University Park neighborhood and is providing the following information regarding the development of the 2400 block of South University Boulevard in our neighborhood. At this time demolition has begun, however, we do not have any further information. We will update this page once we do. We also encourage you to come to our general meetings and become active members of UPCC.

2400 S University and Current Zoning

Summary: The developer of the property was granted by city council in May of 2014 to rezone the property from three stories to five stories. The UPCC supported a redevelopment of the property under the current three story zoning and took an initial stand against a rezoning from three stories to five stories for the following reasons:

  • The current zoning was adopted in 2010 and there was vast public input on the new zoning code at that time
  • We feel a request for rezoning does not meet the criteria defined by the City for a potential rezoning (See the current criteria.)
  • The predictability which zoning offers everyone would be undermined
  • Effects on the neighborhood from increased density could include traffic congestion in the alley to residents directly behind the property and increased traffic on South University Blvd which has limited left turn opportunities

Here is additional information about the current zoning of the property.

Denver Zoning Code and History

The Denver Zoning Code is intended to balance conservation and development, achieve design excellence in the built environment and guide Denver’s future. This is achieved by organizing and calibrating regulations for structures, uses and parking by neighborhood context. A comprehensive update to the text and map was unanimously adopted by City Council on June 21, 2010 and became effective June 25, 2010. Properties that were not remapped as part of the comprehensive update continue to operate under Former Chapter 59 for all provisions and procedures. Learn more about Denver’s Zoning Code.

University Park Small Area Plan

This document was adopted by City Council in September, 2008 and functions as a guide for the future development of our neighborhood.  It was the result of work with Community Planning and Development staff over a period of nearly 10 years, with input from a broad stakeholder group via surveys, workshops organized by city staff, information in the UPCC newsletter and at UPCC meetings, and the efforts of the 15 member steering committee. Recommendations for the 2400 S. University block include “context sensitive variation and character”, and “ensur(ing) that building forms respond to their context.”  Although general references describe the option of moderate density development from 3 – 5 stories for that section, it was zoned for 3 stories (G-MX-3) in Denver’s updated Zoning Code adopted in 2010.  This zoning was adopted after well-publicized opportunity for input from property owners and residents, and much deliberation by the neighborhood and city staff. Click here to view a copy of the small area plan.

We Want to Hear from You!

UPCC purpose is “the promotion of social welfare, common good and general welfare of the University Park Community“ and we want to represent the neighborhood. We encourage people to participate in our General Meetings and welcome all who want to be active on the board. We also understand that at times we cannot represent ALL views, but want to feel we are representing the majority. For this reason, we have created a SHORT survey about this redevelopment of the 2400 block of University Boulevard.  Please take a couple minutes to take the survey.

Additional Information:  City of Denver Reasons and Procedure for Re-Zoning

Division 12.4 Zoning Application and Review Procedure, June 25, 2010 (Source, City and County of Denver website)

Section Additional Review Criteria for Non-Legislative Rezonings
In addition to compliance with the general review criteria stated in Section, the City Council may approve an official map amendment that is not a legislative rezoning only if the City Council finds the application meets the following criteria:
A. Justifying Circumstances One of the following circumstances exists:

  1. The existing zoning of the land was the result of an error;
  2. The existing zoning of the land was based on a mistake of fact;
  3. The existing zoning of the land failed to take into account the constraints on development created by the natural characteristics of the land, including, but not limited to, steep slopes, floodplain, unstable soils, and inadequate drainage; or
  4. The land or its surrounding environs has changed or is changing to such a degree that it is in the public interest to encourage a redevelopment of the area or to recognize the changed character of the area; or
  5. It is in the public interest to encourage a departure from the existing zoning through application of supplemental zoning regulations that are consistent with the intent and purpose of, and meet the specific criteria stated in, Article 9, Division 9.4 (Overlay Zone Districts), of this Code.

B. Consistency with Neighborhood Context Description, Zone District Purpose and Intent Statements The proposed official map amendment is consistent with the description of the applicable neighborhood context, and with the stated purpose and intent of the proposed Zone District.