Board of Directors Minutes March 2012

Board of Directors Meeting held March 6th, 2012 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Tom Gonnella – President, Dana O’Connor – Vice President, Ryan Zorn– Co-Treasurer’s, Pat Cashen – Zoning, Steve Hick – Safety, Kurt Brandau – Transportation, Traci Samaras – Secretary, Paula Smith – Communications, Pat Cashen – Zoning, and Ellen Van Ness Seymour – Nominations Committee.

The Minutes of the January and February 2012 UPCC Meeting were approved.

Welcome Kurt Brandau stepping into the Transportation Chair.

Treasury – All seems to be running steady. Dana is asking to use some funding to possibly sponsor a band if needed for a day in the park, similar to the 125th celebration, but having people bring their own food, beverages, and chairs. Also the idea of using some funds to buy traffic cones, so we can stop paying the rental fees.

Dana – Jennifer Schmidt is taking over Membership, which is helping Dana greatly. We are still selling the Observatory Park Posters in case you haven’t purchased one yet, and the donated poster went for well over $100 at the University Park Elementary Silent Auction. The first weekend in June is scheduled for the 2nd Annual neighborhood Garage Sale. The email list is growing, and seems to still be a very effective tool. Dana is attending the Mayors reaching out meeting this weekend.

Parks – Along the walk between St. Paul & Adams along the Buchtel Trail Diana is hoping to try and get some additional draught tolerant plants. The board feels that Diana should try to get this going if possible. Dana also mentioned asking the Botanical Gardens if they may be willing to sponsor/donate. DU has offered to talk to Public Works about getting a better traffic flow at the intersection of University and Butchel. The University traffic seems to be congested greatly during special events. INC also plans on looking into oversized signage that seems to be happening more frequently. The City is meeting March 20th about making Ruby Hill Park a Festival Park, which would include liquor sales.

Transportation – Will be attending the next Road Ahead Meeting on March 22nd, 2012 in Glendale, Co. Please also call 311 for any pot holes in the neighborhood. It may take awhile, but it does work.

Safety – Community Advisory Board is having all 6 Districts commanders re-apply and interview for their current jobs. The Sergeant plans to attend the next UPCC meeting if possible. SCAT (Special Crimes Team) is working diligently on the last 5 break-in’s in the neighborhood. Please keep your garage door closed at all times, is #1. There will be a bunch of safety tips in the next newsletter about keeping your place safe. The Neighborhood Watch ideas are also going to be in the newsletter as well. Steve was able to attend the INC meeting in February.

Sidewalks – INC discussed slow snow shoveling. Some representatives from the City were at the meeting to discuss busy city streets that get plowed onto the sidewalks making it difficult for homeowners to keep up on the shoveling. The Mayor has even brought this to attention. We are still fighting the fact that it seems car traffic comes well before pedestrian traffic. If you see someone who consistently doesn’t shovel, please call 311 and place a complaint.

Communications – Distribution of the Newsletter by April 11th, hoping for all content to be submitted by March 16th.

Nominations – Currently following up on phone calls received throughout the season for the solicitation of nominees for the up-coming election. Nominations are taken all the way until the May 2012 meeting. Please encourage anyone you know to get in touch with Ellen.

Written by, Traci Samaras