UPCC Board Meeting, Tuesday, June 6th, 2012

University Park Community Council
Board Meeting, Tuesday, June 6th, 2012

Dana O’Connor, Jennifer Schmidt, Bill Winn, Ryan Zorn, Ellen Seymour, Pat Cashin, June Morgan, Rosemary Stoffel, Kurt Bandeux, Diana Helper, Steve Hick

No meeting minutes were review as Dana forgot to send out May General Meeting prior

Updates from the President (Dana O’Connor)

    • Thanked board for staying on
    • Want to try to be a board of problem solving
    • Would love to see board members at events
    • Jennifer Schmidt has graciously volunteered to be VP but does not want to commit to president position.  Please keep thinking about president position next year
    • Introduction of John Rogala
  • We have a new UPCC website
  • Events
    • UPCC purchased cones  and “Property of” bumper stickers for our events.  They are stored at Dana’s house.
    • June 10th Band in the park is set
    • July 4th Details are set
  • Would like to create position Overview Documents for the board we we start getting our “institutional knowledge” out of people’s minds and on paper.
  • Updating the By Laws might be necessary.  Bill Winn will advise.
  • Talk about our relationship with Schools in Neighborhood.  We will continue to have a school Liaison and not have the PTA liaison a voting position.

V.P. Update (Jennifer Schmidt)

    • Garage Sale update,  Signs were taken

Treasury (Ryan Zorn/ June Morgan)

  • We have 37% more in bank this year, versus last year.
  • We will start the email reminders in August.
  • Voted to Send $200 to Dollar Dictionary

Communications (Paula Smith)

  • July UpWords will be done by Dana, with very similar content to last’s year.
  • Purple Pages update from Ellen Seymour.

Open Space and Parks (Diana Helper)

  • Report on Parks – native grasses at Buchtel Centennial and Prairie Parks, loud noise at Observatory park       being handled, Diana has written DPR about broken bridge at McWilliams
  • Thoughts for next year, movie in the park
    • Involves getting a $2000 sponsor.  DPR takes care of the paperwork, screen, sound system, etc.  This could be business or private or whoever an RNO can gather the money.


  • DU Good Neighbors meeting Aug. 22.
    • DU will keep cars from parking on prairie at Debate time.
    • DU renovating International House on S. Josephine to be Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal  System.
    • UP residents complained about DU students at 2311 S. Josephine and 2660 S. Univ.
  • Debate Update set for October 10th

Traffic & Transportation

  • There was discussion about the hit and run at Evans and University.  Kurt will follow up with Transportation Solutions about ideas to make this intersection safer.

Legacy and Historic Preservation

  • Update on the gardener’s cottage at Fitzroy Place by Rosemary Stoffel
  • Agree to Send letter to Wally, thanks re gardener’s cottage


  • UP 5th graders did a Citizen Report on UP sidewalks, but we have not seen it.

INC (Mary/Diana)

  • Dollar dictionary drive is coming up
  • INC working to get much improved notification to RNOs.


Submitted by Dana O’Connor and Diana Helper