Board Meeting Minutes – September 2013

University Park Community Council Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013, 7pm

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes (Traci Samaras)

The June Board Meeting minutes were approved. We will re-review the August minutes at the next meeting.

Updates from the President (Jennifer Schmidt)

Bill reviewed the Board Transition and By-laws for the UPCC. The unexpired position Dana O’Connor is leaving will be taken over by Jennifer Schmidt. The motion to appoint Jennifer was unanimously approved by 8 board members. The board will miss Dana and her commitment to the neighborhood and board. The Sing and Sleigh chair is still available for the event on Sunday December 1st from 4:30-6:30. Janet is setting up some of the details as of now. The October General Meeting discussion included a volunteer sign up sheets and how to get more active volunteers and all the open board and committee positions. The agenda was approved.

Treasurer Update (Ryan Zorn & June Morgan)

No new changes. August expenses and monies received haven’t been tallied. The purple pages checks are coming in, and it appears to cover the purple pages costs to print.

Communications (Paula Smith)

The draft of the September UPWords was submitted and Paula will follow up to make sure we get it printed in a timely fashion. Paula’s transition notes have been posted to the website. This will be Paula’s last meeting.

Purple Pages (Janet Bardwell)

The newest edition of the Purple Pages is set to print, and no errors have been found as of yet. There are many new advertisers this year, which is exciting. This weekend will be sorting and counting of the purple pages for distribution.

Traffic & Transportation (James Bettinger)

The South Columbine Street parking update seems to be at a standstill. The city feels that without 100% of the residents saying yes to 1 hour parking, they cannot help pass the permit.

Open Space and Parks (Diana Helper)

Prairie Park is finding out which plants to pull and remove and also to get some help with weeding. They are hoping for the week of September 16th to have some community help. The Prairie is also on the list to be studied for designation. Diana plans to send an Observatory Park Garden email thank you out. The 3rd grade distribution of dictionaries is coming soon, but a date is not set yet. Jennifer and Diana attended the DU good-neighbors meeting. DU will have an anniversary update on the debate; it is set for October 3rd 2013. Plans are in the works for the streets from Asbury to Harvard. The discussion to have a business improvement district with that area. They hope this would help the University business, that currently lack parking. Will Jones is a new contact at DU in Marketing & Communications department, and hopes to learn more about our neighborhood. October 28th at Emerson School located at 1420 Ogden is having a policy and procedure updates on the liquor licensing if someone can go.

Legacy and Historic Preservation (Rosemary Stoffel)

Nothing new to report.