Prairie Park

The Vision for Prairie Park

Imagine 14 acres (14 football fields long) along the Historic Buchtel Boulevard where folks can walk, bike and/or sit, with paved and unpaved trails, with “nature play” for all, with colorful, interesting landscape that will inspire you, that is home to butterflies, birds and other life, and where you can learn about and see native plants and the history behind this area.

Our Vision for Prairie Park

Our Vision for Prairie Park

This has been a passionate 38-year effort led by Diana Helper, Chair of the Open Space & Parks Committee. The property was owned by railroads and in recent years by RTD, but was given to the City of Denver by RTD in exchange for other land. From there, UPCC and Denver Parks and Recreation have worked together to make this dream come true, with a dedication of the site in 2004. We hope to achieve an official park designation from City Council during 2014.

Seven Ways to Help Grow Prairie Park

  1. Become a Prairie Park Steward – “Adopt” part of Prairie Park and Historical Buchtel Trail to keep it neat, report any problems, and be a very special part of this important neighborhood project. Learn more.
  2. Join the Design Team – We will create the plan for what plants, benches and signs go where. Click here to view some of our native grasses.
  3. Tell us your favorite “Truly Colorado Native Plant” (very low water needs, please).
  4. Help with grants and fundraising – Additional funding and donations are needed for crusher-fine paths, benches, plants, signs and maybe even art.
  5. Help with signs and education – We will design signs that provide history and information on the area and native plants. We will strive to make it interesting, educational and inspiring for all ages.
  6. DONATE to Prairie Park (see link below).
  7. Send this link to a friend.


Donate to the Prairie Park Efforts

We could use your help and would love to have you join in the fun! You can contact the Prairie Park Committee at: Jennifer Engleby or Diana Helper

Prairie Park Aerial View

2012 Overall Prairie Park Denver Aerial