UPCC Board Meeting Minutes September 2008

UPCC Board Meeting Minutes September 9, 2008

Meeting held at June Morgan’s house, 7:00 p.m. In attendance: Pat Cashen, Tom
Gonnella, Bill Winn, Rosemary Stoffel, June Morgan, David Seymour, Mary Myers,
Dana Strand O’Connor, Kathy Poppen, Eliza Prall, and Anne Wall.

Congratulations to Rosemary Stoffel on the adoption and approval by City Council of
the University Park Small Area Plan on September 8. The City of Denver will give us 30
bound copies and 4 poster size land use maps to use in our presentation to the General
Meeting October 8.

Our new committee chairs were introduced. Kathy Poppen is Communications Chair,
and Eliza Prall is Traffic and Transportation Chair.

Pat Cashen made the nomination and all voted in favor.

Minutes for August were read and approved.

University Park Elementary School Watermelon Social will be held August 14. David
Seymour will have a table there with information about the UPCC. The school Fun Run
will be Saturday, November 15, along with a school carnival and the University Park
Mom’s Club Mom’preneur Marketplace.

D.U. is planning a Fun Run for April 25, 2009.

UPCC Area Coordinator, Donna Peterson, will be leaving her position in the spring of
2009. We are looking for a replacement.

Our proposed General Meeting agenda will be:
Information on Bond 3A
Introduction of University Park Elementary School Principal, Dana Williams
Neil Krauss, D.U. update
Bill Winn update on Fitzroy Place
Introductions of new Committee Chairs Liza and Kathy
New UPCC website

Zoning Code Update – Dana reported that our website should be ready in the next two weeks, and should be announced in the newsletter. News on the UPCC website will be submitted for review by Pat Cashen, but eventually our organization will need a written policy to guide content decisions. There is a potential for advertizing as a revenue source and voluntary dues could be paid by credit card or pay pal.

We anticipate about a year before we truly have a system in place. The goal of our
website is to disseminate information and facilitate better representation of the
community. Thanks to Dana for all her hard work and effort.

Committee Reports
Treasurer – David Seymour reported that the Purple Pages has generated revenue of about $1000. In addition, our UPCC membership contributions total about $1000 more than last year. With each newsletter distribution, more contributions come in.

Advisory Committee – Bill Winn reported that Fitzroy Place’s Carl Peterson has a sign posted on his property in accordance with our agreement, asking for rezoning. He wants to subdivide six lots on Cook Street and two lots east of the mansion. September 16 he will be going to the Board of Adjustment. We will be in support of this.

Construction activity at Fitzroy Place is utility installation along the new alley.

And, landscaping on the property is not under regulation or control by the Landmark

The property along University starting from Evans and going south to the church,
owned by David Elowe, will be a mixture of retail and high end rental property, not
student housing. The developers will apply for RMU30 zoning. The building will have
first floor retail space, and a concealed parking lot.

Asbury Green is under construction.

Communications – Rosemary is retiring from Communications Chair, and Kathy Poppen is taking over.

Kathy asked that board members submit articles for publication, and have this
publication a team effort.

Legacy and Historic Preservation – Rosemary reported that our new, updated, city zoning code could incorporate Historic Districts in a better way.

Parks and Open Space – Diana reported that Britta Herwig, our City of Denver Parks and Recreation landscape architect in charge of Prairie Park, is being reassigned to City Park. Observatory and McWilliams Parks should be the destination for the next tier of bond issue money. There will be meetings open to the public to discuss park improvement.

Diana says there are requests for an off leash dog park.

The INC sponsored Dictionary Drive has collected just enough money to cover the cost
of dictionaries and thesauruses. They will be distributed by UPCC to third graders at
University Park Elementary School on September 23.

Sidewalks – Mary Myers said Safe Routes to School Grant sidewalk construction should be starting.

Zoning – There is a proposal for the rezoning of the property by Yale and I-25, a former Total Gasstation. The developer will be asking to rezone to mixed use and construct a building about six stories with affordable housing.

There is a new Italian restaurant at 2442 S. University. The business has a liquor license
with a “Good Neighbor” agreement.

Our General Meeting will be held Wednesday, October 8, social at 6:30 p.m., meeting at
7:00 p.m.

Buchtel Boulevard Coalition meeting is at Heritage Club September 17.

Meeting adjourned 8:45