UPCC Board Meeting Minutes November 2010

Board of Directors Meeting held November 2nd, 2010 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Tom Gonnella –President, David Seymour – Co-Treasurer, Mary Myers – Sidewalks, Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space, Rosemary Stoffel  – Historic Preservation,  Dana O’Connor Vice President & Membership, Pat Cashen -Zoning, Paula Smith – Newsletter, Bill Winn – Advisory Committee, and Traci Samaras – Secretary.

Committee Reports:

Treasury – The Purple Pages Income is still down. Thankfully there have been new due payers this year that have tremendously helped out.

Newsletter – Paula is interested in getting a few more newer ideas to “spice” up the newsletter, and was brainstorming with the group on ideas to cut costs on printing. One of the cost saving measures included doing 4 issues instead of 5 (Jan, Apr, Sept, Nov).

Parks & Open Space –Diana looked at the Denver Parks & Recreation website and noticed some of the parks in our area are not listed such as Prairie Park. The group decided that they would appreciate Diana looking into this more. The WUCA (West University Community Association) group has been a great sounding board and supporter of our neighborhood in the past and Diana would like to invite them to the next General Meeting to keep the communication lines open, and the board agreed that this was a great idea as well. Also, on November 15this the DU Good Neighbor Meeting.

Historic Preservation – Rosemary is interested in starting a preservation committee for our neighborhood. Once she has a few more ideas put together, she will present the idea to the board. Stay Tuned.

Sidewalks – Butchel Blvd. Coalition now has a new district traffic planner and Mary hopes to meet him very soon and hopes that he can help look into some new solutions for Butchel.

Zoning – As far as Pat can tell, the Marijuana Dispensary owners have left the building vacant. Once the details become available he will follow up. Pat will also being emailing the group on a Columbine Street zoning variance.

Dana – Is getting some ideas together to remind University Park neighbors to pay their dues. The dues are very important to University Park and especially the Sing & Sleigh event every December. This year the event is on December 5th.

Tom – Had tea with Jane Queen at the Accelerated School event in October. The General Meetings are scheduled for 2/2/2011 and 5/4/2011.

Written by, Traci Samaras