UPCC Board Meeting Minutes March 2011

Board of Directors Meeting held March 1st, 2011 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance:

  • Tom Gonnella –President
  • David Seymour – Co-Treasure
  • June Morgan – Co-Treasurer
  • Diana Helper – Parks & Open Space
  • Rosemary Stoffel  – Historic Preservation
  • Mary Meyers – Sidewalks
  • Dana O’Connor – Vice President & Membership
  • Pat Cashen – Zoning
  • Paula Smith – Newsletter
  • Bill Winn

January 2011 Meeting Minutes & February 2011 General Meeting Minutes were approved with changes.

Committee Reports:

Treasury – David and June reported the UP Treasury has a total of $5600. Voluntary “dues” are at only about 1/3 of last year at this time. They deem the sending of a UPCC Post Card brought in few dues, compared with the usual UP-Words tear-off, and brought no new residents to the February meeting.  It cost three times the expense of the newsletter. The Board agreed the post card primarily served to reach every UP resident, which is not always the case with UP-Words. David is resigning as of May, and Ryan Zorn has expressed an interest in being co-Treasurer.

Newsletter –Paula asked that articles for the mid-April UP-Words be turned in by March 15. The issue will feature the May 4 UPCC Meeting and the UP School Home Tour, and items from the board.

Parks & Open Space – Diana reported that the Parks Dept. offers movies to be shown free in parks, with sponsorship of $2500 (by a local business, etc.). The Board decided this was not an offer UP could use. Fines for dogs off leash, and owners not picking up after their dogs, are being issued more diligently. The Buchtel/Columbine intersection project will begin this Spring, closing the Jewell St. portion and adding space and a sidewalk to Buchtel Centennial Park. Diana also reported on DU, light rail area, INC platforms on Parks and Zoning, forthcoming Zoning Code Amendment 6, and the UPCC-hosted INC meeting at the Heritage Club March 12. Tom will welcome delegates and guests. The speaker will be from the city’s Nuisance Abatement dept.

Dana – Dana announced the UP Yard Sale will be June 11. The annual Home Tour to benefit UP School will be May 1.

Tom – The Board discussed collecting dues/contributions at the 4th of July event. Agenda for the May 4 meeting will include UPCC elections, a talk on “Creating Community,” and perhaps a speaker from the Botanic Gardens, Councilman Brown, updates on UP concerns and DU plans, and special recognition of the Heritage Club, and UP Block Captains. UPCC is a co-sponsor of a Forum on March 22 for candidates running for City Council’s two at-large positions.   Board members were asked to email to Tom their suggestions for questions to be asked, within the next two days, and he will forward them to the Forum coordinators. Rosemary said there will be other forums (for Mayor, etc.) around the city, sponsored by League of Woman Voters and others, which will be listed as scheduled.

Meeting Guest – Katherine Cornwell of the Denver Community and Planning Dept. presented a proposal by the Sustainable Food Denver advisory group. It would change the process by which Denver residents can raise and maintain Food Producing Animals on their property, making it easier and at far less permit-cost to arrange to have up to eight chickens and two dwarf goats. Board members questioned the loss of permit money to the city, and issues related to inspection, property values, predator animals, notification, and stated benefits. In subsequent discussion the Board voted unanimously to send no letter of comment on this proposal (neither support nor opposition).

Written by, Diana Helper & Traci Samaras