UPCC Board Meeting Minutes March 2009

UPCC Board Meeting March 10, 2009

Meeting held at June Morgan’s home, 7:00 p.m.  In attendance: Pat Cashen, Tom Gonnella, David Seymour, June Morgan, Bill Winn, Pam Adams, Rosemary Stoffel, Mary Myers, Diana Helper and Dana Strand-O’Connor.

February board meeting minutes were read and approved with one spelling change from Fiztroy to Fitzroy.

Discussion regarding the city of Denver proposing a plan for Observatory Park and McWilliams Park … possible playground changes (make them ADA accessible?), add seating, etc.

May 13, 2009 General Meeting agenda:

Phil Caplan, developer of The Lux at DU, will give an update, Alice Gilbertson with Historic Denver will speak about the Urban Living Program and the election of UPCC Board of Directors will be held.

Committee Reports

Parks: Diana Helper gave an update on Prairie Park. New paths have been placed to direct walking among the plant identifiers that will be put in areas for identification of native plants and grasses. Ashley deLaup, Wildlife Ecologist with Denver Parks and Recreation, said the foxes will return to their den. Posts are driven into the ground and metal wire will be placed between them to discourage walking or driving into the park areas.

Diana also mentioned that the INC meeting at Heritage Club was attended by Diana Helper, Bill Winn, Mary Myers and Pat Gilmore. Charlie Brown spoke. Heather Barry from the Mayor’s office announced that the fine for a dog not on a leash is $80.00. Also mentioned was The Road Home for the homeless and the “Art at the Mart” on the corner of Buchtel and Colorado Blvd.

Communications: Pat Cashen announced for Kathy Poppen that she is depending on us to write articles for the newsletter. The next one goes to the printer on April 3, 2009. She wants to get the newsletter out before the University Park Elementary Home Tour on May 3rd. Pat will be writing about the May 13th General Meeting. Pam Adams offered to write a newsletter article regarding “Green”, energy efficiency and sustainability. Pat Cashen suggested that as long as Pam’s name is on the article as author, no company name, an article like this would be considered. Dana recommended that there be some regular sections in every newsletter and that there is a reference to the UPCC website.

Membership: Dana Strand-O”Connor provided written statistics for the UPCC website for the period of November 1, 2008 to March 8, 2009. These detailed the number of visits, time on site, page views, what pages were viewed in terms of number of views and average time on the page; where people are coming from; and words searched to get to the UPCC site.

Dana will bring to the board meetings anyone on the website who says they want to volunteer.

Treasurer: David Seymour announced that UPCC has about the same amount of money as it had last year at this time.

Advisory Committee: Bill Winn asked Pat Cashen if he had anyone “begging” to take over as the President of UPCC. Pat said “No” and that he’d agree to serve another year. Tom Gonnella agreed to serve as Vice President, David Seymour and June Morgan agreed to serve as Co-Treasurers.  Pam Adams will ask Anne Wall if she will continue as Secretary.

Sidewalks, Zoning, Transportation, Legacy and Historic Preservation: No report

A resident in University Park, Jeff Evans, sent a flyer to Pat Cashen requesting that the UPCC Board comment on an event he is coordinating to clean up U Park neighborhood alleys. The project was discussed. Members present determined that the board would not sponsor the event, but comments were provided.

There is $1700 remaining in the Fitzroy Preservation Fund. Bill Winn drafted a letter to suggest the money be sent to Historic Denver to be held in trust for future Fitzroy issues. After discussion, Pam Adams made a motion that the letter be presented. David Seymour seconded the motion. The letter presented to the Board members was edited.

Diana Helper offered the following information: A new sidewalk is being installed by the city at Columbine and Buchtel; Diana is writing an article @ the anniversary of McWilliams Park due tot a call from the daughter.  Mrs. McWilliams still lives in a condo at Park Villa; Chris Nevitt at the recent INC meeting, spoke about signs in the right away in front of businesses … limitations and rules to follow; New rules regarding liquor licenses give the communities much less time to comment … be aware.

The next UPCC Board meeting will be April 14, 2009.