UPCC Board Meeting Minutes for June 2013

University Park Community Council Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 4th, 2013, 7pm

Review and Approve Meeting Minutes (Traci Samaras)

April & May Meeting minutes were accepted with changes.

Updates from the President (Dana O’Connor)

Board Positions that are available: Events: Cathy Kennedy doing the July 4th and Kay Prior the Band in the park on August 17th., Nomination Committee OPEN, President for 2014 OPEN, Sidewalks OPEN, and INC Rep OPEN, Next Mtg. June 8.

Cathy Kennedy is coordinating the July 4th event. Everything is done. Setup at 9:00 and cleanup at 11:30. Dana will not be here and asked Steve Hick will start the parade. Mom’s Club is doing the same things. Kay Prior is coordinating The Band in the Park with star gazing on August 17th from 4-8. Contact at [email protected]. Robert Stencel has offered to welcome everyone to observatory for stargazing. Will be publicizing this in the July and August email. Dana attended the Harvard Gultch Trail Meeting meeting on April 22nd  with neighbor Tony Hurd. The meeting was as positive as possible, with all the entities, Denver Parks and Recreation, Greenway Foundation, Council representative, Urban Drain and Flood Control District, Department of Public Works, UPCC and the YMCA . Next step is to meet about budget and getting on a radar. Jennifer expressed concern to continue the trail to connect to Colorado Blvd. Dana pointed out there is no public land between the Garment District and YMCA but will make sure this is discussed. Tony, who lives on the gulch is putting together a status report and map of the curb cutouts, crossings, gulch path, trails and signage including consideration of moving the trail. Jeff Shumaker from the Greenway foundation is a great conduit for information and facilitator to the committee. Also, the Color Logo is above. Betsy had creative freedom to choose the colors. Dana would like to get a new banner with the new logo. A 3’x5’ banner is $100 with an $85 design fee (we assume Betsy will assist with this). There is a 5.5’ x 3’ banner with a stand for $280. Diana mentioned a banner size ordinance in parks limiting them to 20×20 square footage. This does not seem to be enforced.  Dana will pursue getting a new banner (in color) without the stand and note cards (in black & white)of the new logo

 Secretary (Traci Samaras – absent)

Traci is helping Pam coordinate, dates are June 7 & 8. With over 40 homes on the list.

Treasurer Update (Ryan Zorn)

Ryan distributed the dues payers since July with comments.  Dues have slowed down significantly. The overall dues are 35% higher compared to last year. Ryan investigated a separate account for the Buchtel/Prairie Park funds but recommends he do the internal bookkeeping to avoid the extra expense. There is $856 in funds for Prairie Park. We still haven’t seen the Slotted Spoon event funds as of yet. The comments from the January Survey were distributed so people can contact neighbors who expressed interest in volunteering. Dana thanked Janet for her initiative and fresh input to the Board for the January Dues Survey.

Zoning (Pat)

2400 S University Development – There was a meeting with developer and consultants in early April and conversation at the May General Meeting. The current zoning is for three stories and they applied for a variance for five stories. Today, Chris Sheers, the architect called Pat C. and community involvement was discussed. Chris suggested a committee with representatives from University Park neighborhood, the neighborhood west of University and The University of Denver – the three areas that have a common interest in the redevelopment issue to meet with the developers and review presentations and proposals. Pat stated that the UPCC has been clear on our position of the variance request. He suggests we have a smaller committee within the board. Pat will talk with Bill W., Rosemary S. and Traci S. about their thoughts on the committee issues at hand.

Historically DU does not get involved in these issues. James B. said the owners across the street are interested in supporting the variance. Their zoning is five stories. The variance could be a precedent for them to have seven stories. Jennifer S. expressed concern about the traffic impact in the area and asked for a traffic study particularly considering DU’s discussed expansion to the south. Pat C. said this is not an unreasonable request. Diana discussed the idea everything coming in and out of the alley and with a tunnel to the side street. Dana is concerned about finding out neighbors’ interests and concerns and facilitating this communication. Pat also discussed the application process that includes the applicant demonstrating that they engaged the neighborhood which is documented with attendance sheets and noted that the developer is willing to spend time and money to convince the City that their plan (5 stories) is a better project.

Many issues about this redevelopment were discussed including:  Density issues in the neighborhood, impact on traffic, complications of committee selection, quality construction, underground parking lot construction, inclusion of neighborhood concerns, The zoning consultant is the same as the recent Cherry Creek project.

Traffic & Transportation (James Bettinger)

Crosswalk and 3 way stop at Adams and Iliff is in. The issue with the church’s lost parking is resolved. People are still running the stop signs. Fifth graders did a project on traffic safety – see the link in the email

Communications (Paula Smith)

The July UPWORDS is back from the printer. It cost $200 at Office Depot. Dana completed it early since Phyllis is leaving town.

Purple Pages (Janet Bardwell)

Purple Pages is looking for advertisers, please direct to Janet. Janet is working on the committee format to solicit new and existing advertisers. On July 4th, she will get quotes about the neighborhood.

Membership (John Rogala -absent)

Welcome package should be delivered in next 2-3 weeks.

Open Space and Parks (Diana Helper)

Update on Prairie Park. Mara from the Parks Department is working with them. Arborists Martin from DU and Sonya John are assisting with identifying the right plants, good prices, transportation and where/how to get money. There is a plant to host an event in September to explain the Park and history.  The Fund Raiser at the Slotted Spoon made a little over $100. Sign got cleaned up thanks to a call from Lori Devanaussi at the History Colorado Ctr. Diana called and thanked her and she said she can list events for the park in her listing of historic areas. She also suggested we nominate the Park for Local Landmark status. The Observatory Park Garden is planted, there is a web page on website – lots of volunteers to take care of it. Vegetables go to the food bank. Observatory Park  – The Plaque was discussed and is being investigated.

Written by Janet Bardwell & Traci Samaras