UPCC Board Meeting Minutes June 2011

Board of Directors Meeting held June 14th, 2011 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance:

  • Tom Gonnella – President
  • Dana O’Connor – Vice President
  • Ryan Zorn – Co-Treasurer
  • Pat Cashen – Zoning
  • Mary Myers – Sidewalks
  • Diana Helper -Parks
  • Pam Adams – Newsletter/Nominations
  • Jennifer Schmidt – Liaison
  • Guest Sean Uyeda

The Minutes of the May 4, 2011 UPCC Meeting were approved with changes.

Tom introduced Sean Uyeda who has expressed an interest in working with the board on Transportation and Traffic matters. He and his family have lived in the University Park area for many years, but he presently lives at 2657 S. University Blvd. which immediately across the boulevard from University Park. UPCC needs someone to work on these
matters, the question being the status of “non-residents” to join the board, work on a committee, etc. This is being looked into.

Treasury – Ryan reported that he is getting acquainted with the UPCC financial records, and suggested that we think about the “dues” paying system. It was suggested a master list of all who have sent in contributions in 2011 be available on the 4th of July, and the October meeting, to check (for those who can’t remember if they have given). Ryan will send a check for $100 to the INC Dollar Dictionary Drive. He, Tom, June Morgan and Dana can meet to discuss uses of email to remind residents about the need for “dues.”

Dana – The 4th of July Event is shaping up well. Dana will talk with Parks about the Permit. Paula has removed the usual June UP-Words from the schedule, so Dana will put together a flyer. Tom will contact the Block Captain distributors, and try to get the graphics from the 2010 July 4th publication. There was concern that the deadline for the mid-Sept. UPWords appears to be August 1. (The October 5 UPCC Fall Meeting agenda and 125th Anniversary Celebration should set by then, to promote them well, and info about .Pages.)

Parks – Diana reported the Buchtel/Columbine project will now start mid-July. XCEL Energy is doing a major project in that area. Community Forester workshops are offered by The Park People starting June 25. Diana proposed asking Parks and Recreation Dept. to add a panel to the Historic Butchel Boulevard Trail sign, saying “and PRAIRIE PARK.” Eventually a full sign may be installed for the Park. The board agreed with this idea. The Historic Survey is a topic June 25 at INC’s zoning meeting. Neighborhoods are urged to participate in the Denver County Fair July 28-31.

Sidewalks – Mary Myers distributed copies of the Butchel and Columbine T-REX Bond Project plan and site plan, given by project mgr. Steven Forvilly to Butchel Blvd. /Pkwy. Coalition (BBC) members at its April 20 meeting. She pointed out that all work contracted out was being done by small business companies.

Zoning – Pat Cashen reported that UPCC was not taking a position on the Zingers application for a liquor license. Those wishing to may write to the Excise and License department.

The 125th UPCC Anniversary Celebration will be in the Fall, in Observatory Park. Ask DU if students can provide music, and include DU in it. Honor long-time residents. Picnic on a Star night?

Tom reported that Rosemary Stoffel wishes UPCC to ask Mr. Elowe to donate $7,500 to UPCC as a “good will gesture to the neighborhood.” This is the amount he would have had to give UPCC to help fund a historic survey, if his construction project used HUD funding. It was deemed unlikely he would comply with this wish, but we could ask. Diana said  complaints about the Elowe project include closure of the sidewalk on S. University and dangerous access to the Bus Stop, and that no one was answering at the phone number posted on site. She passed these along to Dave Thorp who promised to advise Mr. Elowe.

RE the idea of a board Planning Session- if we have some major plan, otherwise probably not.


Written by, Diana Helper & Traci Samaras