UPCC Board Meeting Minutes August 2011

Board of Directors Meeting held August 2nd, 2011 at 2100 S. Monroe Street.

In Attendance: Tom Gonnella – President, Dana O’Connor – Vice President, Ryan Zorn – Co-Treasurer, Mary Myers – Sidewalks, Diana Helper -Parks , Pam Adams – Purple Pages & Directory, Rosemary Stoffel – Historic Preservation, Paula Smith – Newsletter, Traci Samaras – Secretary, and special guests from the Accelerated School.

The Minutes of the June 14th, 2011 UPCC Meeting were approved without changes.

Tom introduced Bryon Gentry from the Accelerated Schools who talked briefly about their “Windows of Opportunity” flower boxes that are available for sponsorship.

Treasury – Ryan brought the board a spreadsheet of expenses from 2009 – current. He discussed some year to date figures and felt the UPCC funds were currently on track if donations continue.

Dana – Has been in charge of the new 125th anniversary committee for the founding of the University Park Neighborhood. More meetings will continue and the scheduled date for the neighborhood get together is September 25th. Dana spoke with the city and they are unable to clean Observatory Park properly due to toys being left out over night.

Parks – Diana reported at the last meeting that the Buchtel/Columbine project would start mid-July, however the city is still waiting because they have not hired an inspector for this project yet.  There was also mention that we should use the bulletin board at Observatory Park more often for upcoming events.

Sidewalks – Mary Myers received information that the light at St. Paul and Butchel will have its timing changed to allow for better foot traffic flow. This should be done in September. The intersection of Butchel and Monroe most likely will receive some pedestrian signs in the near future after a traffic study was done in favor of the foot traffic.

Newsletter – Paula needs all submissions by August 18th.

Tom – Had a discussion with the board about our October agenda ideas and thoughts. Tom and Pam announced that Pam will be stepping down from the University Park Neighborhood Directory & the Purple Pages position after the current one is completed in September. No ideas as to who may work with Ellen Van Ness Seymour on the 2012 editions.


Written by, Traci Samaras