Rezoning Update

Rezoning Update: University Park Neighbors, UPCC and City Council met on May 12th, 2014 for the final decision regarding the proposed rezoning on the east side of the 2400 block of South University Blvd. The meeting opened at the City and Council Building on Bannock Street at 5:30pm and ended at almost 11:30pm, with approximately 50-60 people in attendance for this rezoning issue. Many good points were brought up for those who were “for” the project and the majority of people spoke “against.” In the end, City Council voted 13-0 in favor of the rezoning. With over a year of work on this project, we appreciate all the outpouring of help from neighbors near and far who have all volunteered their time. A special thank you to our own Pat Cashen, Rosemary Stoffel, and Jennifer Schmidt who assisted in these efforts on their free time during this 1-year process. The UPCC will stay in contact with the development team and keep the neighbors informed with any updates.