UPCC Committees

UPCC is widely respected by our Denver City Agencies and maintains excellent communications with city staff and city council members. Below is a short description of each committee and some recent accomplishments.

We are always looking for more people to help the UPCC be an integral part of our neighborhood. Please visit our volunteer opportunity page for areas you can help or email getinvolved@upcc.us.

Standing Committees (have a vote on the board)

Special Committee (no vote on the board)

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee facilitates planning with the Board of Directors and recently developed a policy manual defining responsibilities of Board and Committee positions. The Committee also has the responsibility to assure continuity and institutional memory are imparted to the UPCC Board.

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Archives maintains historical information on University Park including photographs. If you have historic photos you would like to share, please email archives@upcc.us.

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Buchtel Boulevard Coalition (BBC)

UPCC is a founding member of BBC, a coalition of neighborhoods, schools, and businesses along Buchtel Boulevard Parkway from South Colorado Boulevard to South Logan Street and beyond to the Platte Greenway. The main aim of BBC is to create a continuous, safe route for pedestrians and cyclists along with other forms of transportation. This route connects neighbors with light rail stations, bus transit, schools, shops, places of worship, and various parts of our communities. BBC meets quarterly at the Heritage Club. Please contact sidewalks@upcc.us for more information and meeting dates.

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Communications & Area Coordinators

The Communications Committee disseminates important neighborhood information through the UPCC print newsletter, UPWords, published five times each year.  Delivery of UPWords is organized by our Area Coordinator Lead through a network of Area Coordinators and Block Captains.

It takes approximately 87 Block Captains to deliver each issue of UPWords to your doorstep. Being a Block Captain is a great way to meet your neighbors, and requires less than two hours of your time – five times per year. If you are interested in becoming a part of this effort, please email areacoord@upcc.us.

We currently need Block Captains for the following blocks:

  • 1800 S. St. Paul
  • 1900 S. St. Paul
  • 1900 S. Josephine
  • 2000 S. Josephine
  • 2600 S. Garfield
  • 1800 S Madison

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Events Committees plan our two annual all-neighborhood events: 4th of July Parade and the Sing & Sleigh Bells. To help with events, email events@upcc.us.

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Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC)

INC works to facilitate communication and cooperation among the city of Denver’s Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOs). As a long-time patron member, UPCC is regularly represented at Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) meetings and has a strong voice within the organization. Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month at various locations and all are welcome.

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Community Preservation Committee

Community Preservation Committee oversees issues relating to historical structures and features in University Park. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Secured an official historic designation of the Holland House at 2340 S. Josephine. This interesting “cement house” with its domed roof was designed by Eugene Groves in 1932. City Council approved the designation, which was supported by the owner, UPCC, the City and historic organizations.
  • Conducted a historic preservation workshop for owners of potentially historic houses with over 30 in attendance.
  • Secured an official historic designation of Fitzroy Place as a Denver landmark ensuring that it remains a permanent feature in University Park.

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The Membership Committee is responsible for increasing awareness of the role of the UPCC by promoting growth in dues-paying membership. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Building a database to track dues-paying members and their special interests
  • Leading the effort to create our new UPCC website
  • Outlining initiatives to better utilize talents and interests of dues-paying members

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Neighborhood Safety

The Neighborhood Safety Committee acts as a liaison to Denver Police District 3 for safety, graffiti, and any criminal activities. Please visit our neighborhood safety page for more information.

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Nominating Committee

Each spring, the Nominating Committee solicits recommendations for nominations of UPCC Board officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They look to the current Board, members of UPCC committees and the community for candidates. A slate of candidates is drawn up by the Nominating Committee for presentation at the UPCC general meeting in May, followed by the election. For information, or to volunteer to serve on the Nominating Committee email pp@upcc.us.

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Open Space and Parks

Open Space and Parks works to improve, preserve, and maintain our parks within UPCC boundaries. Our parks include Observatory Park, McWilliams Park, Buchtel Centennial, Prairie Park and Harvard Gulch East. Our trails include Harvard Gulch Trail and Buchtel Trail. Recent accomplishments include:

  • With the City, renovated the playground at Observatory Park.
  • Recruited a volunteer to keep the dinosaur at McWilliams Park graffiti free.
  • Designated land along Historic Buchtel Boulevard Trail as Prairie Park.

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PTA and School Liaison

PTA and School Liaison Committee facilitates communication between area schools and the neighborhood, providing support for our local elementary University Park Elementary School and coordinating events for the benefit of the neighborhood.

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Purple Pages

Purple Pages is booklet containing valuable neighborhood information delivered to each residence once a year. The Committee not only writes and publishes the booklet, but also encourages neighborhood businesses to advertise in the Purple Pages and to support its printing.

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Transportation, Traffic and Sidewalks

Transportation, Traffic and Sidewalks Committee works with the City, the schools, the University of Denver, and area businesses to address traffic and transportation problems and continually improve our network of sidewalks, making it them safe for all pedestrians. If interested, you can view the UPCC Sidewalk Position Statement. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Researched potential left turn signals from Colorado onto Iliff.
  • Got bike lanes added along St. Paul Street and Buchtel Boulevard.
  • Acted as liaison to UPark School to design the “Kiss and Go” pick-up and drop-off solution, relieving traffic congestion and ensuring student safety.
  • Worked with the City to repair potholes in our neighborhood.
  • Led the effort for a Safe Routes to School Grant resulting in new sidewalks installed on pathways leading to UPark Elementary at no cost to residents.
  • Lobbied for an infrastructure bond issue that will fund sidewalks on Buchtel Boulevard from South St. Paul to South Monroe Streets.
  • Provided a list of shoveling resources for residents that cannot shovel on their own during the winter months.

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Our first website was launched in fall 2008 and given a facelift in May 2012. We are committed to making this site a way for you to stay informed on the issues that affect the University Park neighborhood. The webmaster works with our President and Committees to post information that is important for our residents about UPCC news, along with neighborhood and city information. If you have suggestions for ways we can improve our site please email us at webmaster@upcc.us.

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The Zoning Committee works with the City, the University of Denver, and area businesses, including contractors and builders on issues of land use and zoning, including transportation access. The Committee also reviews and makes recommendations on zoning variances.

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