Buchtel Boulevard News

  • A City traffic study indicated that changes in traffic light timing will create longer gaps in vehicle traffic, making it a little easier and safer to cross Buchtel Blvd. in between S. Univ. and S. St. Paul, and between S. St. Paul and S. Monroe St. However, a pedestrian area sign will be added at S. Monroe.
  • Coyote signs are posted along Buchtel Trail. The pups are out on their own now, so be careful. Small pets shouldn’t be out without close supervision. Use the loud-scare technique to show coyotes they are not welcome, if they are in view.
  • The Historic Buchtel Boulevard Trail sign at S. St. Paul will have panel added to it for PRAIRIE PARK.
  • The Buchtel/Columbine intersection and Buchtel Centennial Park project needs only the hiring of an Inspector, and should get underway soon.