Board Meeting Minutes – January 2014

University Park Community Council Board Meeting
Tuesday, January 7th, 2014, 7pm

Review and all Approved the Meeting Minutes for November 2014 (Traci Samaras)

Updates from the President (Jennifer Schmidt):

Open position and shifting positions around.  (Positions available are: Events, Nominations, Vice President, Sidewalks and INC Rep) INC represenative is in desperate need. Matt Robbins and Von Kendall from our UPark neighborhood attended the meeting to learn more about the board and the open positions. Nominations will be coming via email from Jennifer Schmidt at a later date.  Also, is anyone interested or know of someone who is interested in the Presidancy position for May 2014. There is a need for a new event tent, and all were in favor of purchasing a new one for aproxametely $200. The Sing and Sleigh event attendance was about 300 people – numbers were down due to the rescheduled evening Broncos game, and being Thanksgiving weekend. Leftover cookies were taken and donated to the Heritage Club.  The extra lights and glow sticks were greatly appreciated from neighborhood moms.  Jennifer Gifford a board member and an attorney looked at our UPCC insurance policy and feels our general Libality policy could use to be increased. Jen will look into this more with Jennifer.  The February meeting has Pat, Rosemary, and Tina Alexrad (Senior City Planner) as our speakers. The topic of discussion will be about zoning within UPark. Diana will discuss a couple of new park topics.  Charile Brown has also been invited incase residents have questions about Marijuana Stores, etc.

Membership (John Rogala):  New member packets are slated for its quarterly update in January/February. Its about 25 homes at a time, and any freebies, coupons, etc are always great to include.

Safety (Steven Hick):  Currently we have a very low percentage of theft in the neighborhood compared to other communities. The only crime that seems to keep coming up is theft of items vehicles. Keep your items out of cars. Know your neighbors, it really helps.

Traffic and Transportation (James Bettinger): James is picking up from Dana O’Connor, the cones and tent to store at his house. Thank you. Grafitti supplies are still available via email . Karen Coffee is still in charge of painting the dinosaur in the park when issues arise. Thank you again to all.

Legacy and Historic Preservation (Rosemary Stoffel):  Working with Pat and Tina on the discussion topics of the meeting. Tina’s presentation whould take about 20 minutes, and 30 for Pat & Rosemary.

Open Space & Parks (Diana Helper):  3 new signs in Prarie Park thanks to Mara Fielding-Purdy. These signs describe the Native Restoration Project. Designation of parks has been leaving out some of the acreage due to the resarch process taking too long, Diana  & Kelly Ewing is looking into this matter in hopes that the stated value of 7.43 acres can be adjusted to the correct amount of about 14 acres. The little park on the South side of the firestation on Yale and Colorado, has had some complaints because there is too much traffic, and not enough turn lanes.  It was discovered that the equipment in the park holds a vast amount water equipment underground which makes this impossible. Dr. Stencel has been nominated for a gold star at INC.  The february meeting at INC will discuss marijuana stores in your neighborhood. Sign up for gardening at the park, will begin soon.

Purple Pages (Janet Bardwell): 1x yearly voluntary dues insert and newsletter mailing/stuffing party is at 2:30p on Saturday at Janets house, please let her know if you can make it. There are 3 people that havent paid for the Purple Pages, so Jen will help her collect.

Treasurer (Ryan Zorn & June Morgan):  Ending the year with an acount balance of $15k with $850 earmarked for Prarie Park. This is up about 40% over the last few years. 283 paying households for 2013 vs. 189 in 2012. There are about 2000 households in our neighborhood including apartments. We will also look into how much can the acount hold before it becomes taxable. Some items will need to be discussed on where to use these funds.